Pomtificating – now officially adopted into our vocabulary

…..pomtificating is the act of pompously pontificating – I just made it up

Andrew C.

Pomtificating is a great word – it should mean pompous pontificating by a Spud.

Chris Miller.

I think that second definition is the one to adopt, no?

22 thoughts on “Pomtificating – now officially adopted into our vocabulary”

  1. “Pomtificating is a great word – it should mean pompous pontificating by Spud or a Spud-like person”

    I’m happy with that.

    It doubles the insult to accuse someone of pomtificating. Not only are you a bore, you’re a bore like Murphy.

  2. Theo, it would be clearer, I agree. But it would then lose the “pomme” (de terre) notes, so it wouldn’t be *funnier*. And that’s the main thing.

  3. I think he’s losing it. In that submission he uses his normal “firstly….” routine.

    Except he jumps from thirdly to fifthly.

  4. James Hetfield? Very sly. I bet Spud won’t notice. For someone who is only 60 he seems to have very little clue about the cultural history of the last 50 years.

  5. I’ve skimmed the Murphy report. It has been edited, or it is not all his own work.

    Yes, there are the number lists mixed up between ordinal and cardinal numbers, yes there are the numerous typos. All of this is indicative of a typical Murphy text.

    However, I did not see a single “candidly” anywhere, and where is there something like the usual hyperbolic, melodramatic “staggeringly”

  6. I liked it when Spud got the double hyperbole up
    wholly unaware at present of any information at all

    God, his writing style is wholly, absolutely and comprehensively awful

  7. @ Tyler
    Numbers are *not* neo-liberal.
    Getting sums correct is “neo-liberal”.
    Actually it’s just honest – one of my friends was Hon Secretary of the OU Communist Club and it didn’t stop him getting a 1st in Mathematics. Another was Hon Treasurer, but he got a 4th.

  8. @ Edward Lud
    Usually awarded to those who demonstrated in Finals that they were very clever but hadn’t worked hard enough/at all – it came one level *above* a Pass degree. He later became a Professor at other universities (I have forgotten which but at least one of them was in Japan).

  9. Bloke in North Dorset


    Murphy has been having some real fun recently. His trip to the tax conference in Lima (Ohio) was very amusing.

    You have to feel sorry for the poor sod who has to read Spud’s submission. The life in them will drain away when they are tasked and you can hear them ask plaintively “why me?”.

  10. @john 77
    Fourth-class honours went in ’67, so (just) before my time. But my best friend at college did no work at all and would have got a third – except he correctly answered a question on a specialist third-year topic he hadn’t even studied, so they decided he ought to have a second-class degree (no 2:1s and 2:2s in those happier days). I suspect there aren’t many subjects other than Maths where such a thing would be possible.

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