Well done to the LGA

If you want to have a look at the details of their new report:

The government’s right-to-buy scheme risks running out of homes unless councils are given funding to build more, a report has warned.

Research by the Local Government Association found local authorities only have enough money to replace less than one-third of the number of homes sold over the past six years.

You go here to find:

The full report by Savills, commissioned by the LGA, is available on request.


Media office contact
Mike Tighe
020 7664 3333
[email protected]

To get:

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And people say there’s nothing wrong with local government in the UK, eh?

11 thoughts on “Well done to the LGA”

  1. Seems logical enough. Nobody could stay in business if they were constantly forced to sell their stock at 30% off market value.

    Quite why this needs a massive report is another matter entirely.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Damn. I thought it was the Lady’s Golf Association. I have never been so disappointed not to see a bunch of fat lesbians in my life.

  3. Not difficult to have email alias that will accept Mike as well as Michael if that’s what someone insists on using

  4. I thought it was generally considered better to subsidise the individual (through higher grants) than to provide stuff dirt cheap? Plus, that way you can see if individuals (in interesting quantities) want to sign up for houses, or whetehr they’d rather buy better Scotch and have better holidays…

  5. @ BlokeinTejas
    Ah, but certain categories of “essential workers”/”key workers” get priority in the queue for allocation of these heavily-subsidised houses/flats. Just coincidentally many of them are employed by local government. So if local government owns lots of houses it can provide lots of employees with accommodation at half the market rent (Cameron raised that to 80% of market rent for new tenants but not existing ones) as well as paying them more than the private sector. And you don’t pay tax on the subsidy provideds to tenants of “social housing”.
    Just because it is better for the country doesn’t mean it is better for the Local Government Association.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    Andrew C – “You’re watching the wrong ladies golf.”

    I don’t see many of those actually do play golf. They seem to be very specialised fashion models.

    Still, they are not fat lesbian golf players. Yet. Give them a few years.

  7. @ SMFS
    I do know a lady golfer – she is slim grandmother; my own grandmother used to play golf. I think that you need to connect with reality occasionally..

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