Well, I suppose so, possibly

TUI customers claim the company has left passengers ‘stranded’ as the travel provider appears to have cancelled numerous flights overnight.

Many customers have taken to Twitter overnight to reveal their anger and frustrations, claiming flights were cancelled at the last minute with no recourse in place in airports across the UK including Birmingham, Gatwick and Manchester.

Passengers claim to have been left without accommodation or even water.

Many are taking to the social media platform to demand compensation.

Pictures taken at a Birmingham airport by an irritating customer shows police at the scene, but the Twitter user claims there was no TUI staff.

12 thoughts on “Well, I suppose so, possibly”

  1. Package companies are garbage. I would never do a package holiday. The main jobs of the “reps” at the hotel is selling you on extra trips. Book your own flight and hotel.

  2. They’re irritating enough here, so it’s no surprise they’re irritating before they leave. But the ones flying out of GLA have to be the worst.

  3. O/T Tim but why did you write that daft piece at Contins about May’s 350 million a week Brexit dividend to the NHS means we ( ie The FFC) are now committed to escaping the ESpew?

    The money is to come from taxes and borrowing and the likes of Seaman Staines believes it to be a sop to Brexit MPs because they won’t now get any more than a shite-soft Brexit.

    No sop to the rest of us who can fuck off it seems.

  4. Guess where Tui is based?
    Not somewhere that any Briton can walk to in order to give its management a piece of his/her mind.
    Shop local – your butcher, baker or candlestick-maker is less likely to treat you like dirt if he/she is going to meet your mates in the pub/nursery.

  5. There is, though, a theme whenever there is such an event….

    Mr Angry or Mrs Shrieking at the airport or station or wherever, complaining that

    “It’s a disgrace that the chairman of the company hasn’t come down here and personally taken me out for a coffee and explained to me exactly what has caused these problems and then given me and my family a lift home before tucking us up in bed and showering us with tenners as compensation”

    Jeez. All people do us whine and expect omnipotent company reps to be on standby to help them 24-7-365

    Whatever happened to “mustn’t grumble”, make-do and the stiff upper lip?

    Sometimes shit happens ant it’s no-ones’ fault.

  6. @ Andrew C
    “Sometimes shit happens ant it’s no-ones’ fault.” – perfectly true, but Tui cancelled several flights simultaneously while having no back up plans although it *must* know that sometimes there will be problems so you need back-up plans.
    Last time I flew I was on a plane chartered in, by the non-Ryanair firm I chose to avoid Ryanair, at short notice because some problem had occurred with the scheduled aircraft. The aircraft and aircrew were scheduled for a break but had agreed to be on standby and we boarded while it was refuelling and arrived back in the UK only about half-an-hour late.
    I hope the aircrew got paid overtime.

  7. @Mr Ecks

    Held back until read

    Dr. Madsen Pirie: “…It is inconceivable that the additional funds announced will not, after all, be delivered, because the EU is to get them instead. This is simply not going to happen. It means we’re coming out…

    Absolute balderdash and wishful thinking. The £20 Billion pa bung to the black-hole of NHS inefficiency, bureaucracy, waste, incompetence and “jobs for life” will be paid for with more tax – Murphy Will be ecstatic

    Nothing will change [other than pay rises & more bureaucrats to allocate the £20Bn): no improvement, no shroud wavers silenced – MSM will continue “NHS needs more, £20Bn not enough”.

  8. Yes Pcar you are right–it was Madson Eerie who wrote the piece not Tim. But by putting on there Tim looks to be endorsing absolute tripe. If that is Eerie’s level of analysis it says little for the IEA.

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