Well, yes

EXCLUSIVE: What break in..? £90m ‘burglary’ at billionaire James Stunt’s Belgravia mansion NEVER HAPPENED, claims ex-bodyguard on duty all night

I might have mumbled something about how in my opinion something like this was a vague possibility.

8 thoughts on “Well, yes”

  1. Insurance fraud – not a good look at all.

    And the Daily Mail has gone full hatchet job on him – couldn’t happen to a nicer chap

  2. He was always an obviously delusional oddball leaching off his wife.

    I reckon the only items that were genuinely ever in his possession were the watches and maybe a few bits of jewellery, no doubt now all sold on the cheap to keep in him gak.

  3. No hint of an insurance claim, so not much to pin on him beyond wasting police time (and being disgusting). All very strange.

  4. This is a burglary from his house, but wasn’t his gold bullion dealing firm also burgled a while ago? Clearly a very unfortunate man, suffering this string of uninsured losses..

  5. Bernie Eclestone’s daughter’s ex husband.

    Tip: highlight word(s) and right-click “search….”

  6. @pcar. Although in this chaps case better to highlight the words and click “ignore” in the hopes the narcissistic little moron goes away. If it is insurance fraud one hopes he goes away for a long time.

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