Well, yes, entirely true

Tuberosa opines:

The state. when misused, can all too easily round up the usual suspects whose paperwork fails to pass its own artificial standards.

That’s why we limit the state to hte power to do only those things which absolutely must be done. Because the Curajus State is just too tempting a takeover target for the authoritarians, see?

3 thoughts on “Well, yes, entirely true”

  1. “round up the usual suspects” is a wonderful line – my wife keeps reviewing “Casablanca”

  2. Murphy is just amazing. A sign apparently of a fascist state is the necessity to punish all those who transgress the rules. Which makes fascism preferable to Murphyism. At least the fascist waits for his victim to break his rules; in Murphy’s Courageous State the “Spirit”of the rules is arbitrarily cited.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    I tried to make a similar point the other day when he was talking about a govt of national unity and suspending the democartic process “for a time”.

    Sadly it didn’t survive moderation – possibly because I called myself Pilgrim Slight Retard on that occasion.

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