Which worries you more here?

Judge Owens said the woman was a qualified nurse, but had an ‘extremely low range’ of intellectual inability.

She said an independent social worker had prepared a report after observing mother and son.

‘The independent social worker highlighted some of the concerns around [the woman’s] ability to meet the needs of [the boy],’ said the judge in her ruling.

‘These include … not feeding [the boy] in an appropriate position, not changing [his] nappy appropriately, and placing [his] nappy changing mat very close to a metal table leg when [he] was moving around on the mat.’

Judge Owens said the social worker watched the woman, ‘spend about an hour holding [the boy] who was sitting in the Bob The Builder car’.

The social worker had told how the woman ‘maintained limited eye contact and communication’ and said the Bob The Builder toy car was ‘inappropriate’ for his age because there was ‘a potential risk of [the boy] falling if [the woman] lost control of him’.

To qualify as a nurse a student usually takes a degree course for which they generally need an A Level in biology or another science.

Courses are made up of work placements, lectures, exams and practical tests.

So, what worries?

That the state decides to take children from dim bulbs? Or that dim bulbs can and do qualify as nurses?

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  1. One obvious possibility is that she gained her nursing credentials abroad, where perhaps less rigour is applied.

  2. My wife’s an ex-nurse who qualified under the current system. So I know a fair bit about it.

    To say the academic level is simple is probably over estimating it ; and there is nothing resembling any sort of examination, it’s all done by coursework. It was trivially easy and I could have done it in my sleep without having done the course. Most of it is just writing essays about various subjects (not technical medical ones) which is mostly quoting from source material.

    Having said that, the bit I couldn’t do is the practical side. There’s a lot of time spent on various wards/environments operating as a member of staff, which has to be passed as well. This may of course be the usual pushing people through for diversity/racial reasons, as the pass/fail is purely the opinion of the qualified Nurse who has responsibility for the student.

    There were no actual practical tests either to go with the no written examinations. They did try to arrange some, but they had one tester for about 120 students in one afternoon, so they abandoned it.

    You don’t need an A-Level, even a modern gimme A-Level to get on the course.

  3. Was the independent social worker much better? In what way was the feeding and nappy changing inappropriate? Was it actually harmful or just unfashionable? Changing mat too close to a table leg? Please! The kid might have fallen out of the toy if not held, but he didn’t because he was.

  4. Nothing described –all of which is some arseholes (prob middle class, CM) idea of what child raising should be according to fuck-knows-who–suggest to me the woman is all that dim or is not loving towards her child and raising the kid as best she can to a good enough standard.

    If averagely dim women were prevented from having kids mankind would have died out long ago.

    The poor kid is far more likely to be warped by the multi-culti violence and general nastiness –nastimess?–of state schooling than by anything at home.

    Everybody involved in bringing this disgraceful travesty not only needs sacking on standard Eck’s terms but they need a good hiding to boot. And then be made –standing there with bashed-up faces–to apologise to this poor woman in the open,public court.


  5. an ‘extremely low range’ of intellectual inability


    Is this a double negative? If she had ‘an extremely low range of intellectual ability’ I’d say she was a muppet. Having ‘an extremely low range of intellectual inability’ suggests the opposite. She’s a fucking genius and the social worker was jealous! Either that or the Daily Mail’s editors’ intellectual abilities come in a range too.

  6. Patrick,

    According to the article, it was the judge who said she had an ‘extremely low range’ of intellectual inability. If the judge really used the word inability instead of ability, my concern is mostly that we employ such dumb arse judges.

  7. Philip Scott Thomas

    Curiously, the article itself says, an ‘extremely low range’ of intellectual inability. But the bullet points at the top say, an ‘extremely low range’ of intellectual ability. I assume one of them is just a typo.

  8. Tim

    Not sure if you’ve seen TRUK today but if you have not you should check out the second link. Murphy’s son was hit by a car on a zebra crossing – the ensuing post simply has to be seen to be believed. The man is in need of serious psychiatric help and in a civilised country would be sectioned

  9. Works in Social Care

    We’re trusting the judgement of a social worker? Hah!

    The two of the provided examples provided were pathetic. Changing mat too close to a table leg and a toy car ‘inappropriate’ for his age? Did the child actually get hurt? No – so the mother was paying attention.

    Nurse vs social worker on ‘intellectual ability’ – the judge should show a bit of judgement.

  10. Apologies for posting off topic but I am still reeling that someone would use their son’s misfortune to make a political point….

  11. I think dim bulbs could make good nurses, so long as they’re kept away from sharp implements.

  12. VP, can you lift a quote? I really don’t want to raise his site’s hit count. Is his son well?

  13. It makes sense that a nursing degree isn’t going to be too intellectually rigorous. There are over 250,000 registered nurses in the UK.

  14. Works in Social Care,

    The majority of Social Workers are amazing professionals who make positive changes in the lives of people who suffer unimaginable trauma, often at the hands of love ones. They deal with the dregs of society with the goal of achieving the best outcome for those who suffer in ways that most of us could not imagine. Some get it wrong, some are not good at what they do, but most are dedicated professionals who do make a difference in the lives of their clients.

    I declare an interest, my wife is a mental health social worker. I do not doubt for one second her devotion to helping those who seek her help.

  15. Custard Cream

    ‘Just before 3 yesterday afternoon I got a call to say that my teenage son had been hit by a car on a zebra crossing. By chance I was working from home. I was with him in minutes.

    He was a pretty concussed, rather bloodied person when I got there. But an ambulance and several police cars were in attendance very quickly. And by 10 last night we were back home. At 17 you bounce more easily than you do in later life. When he wakes this morning he’s going to be in some pain, but nothing was broken and Addenbrooks could assure us that a brain scan was fine, even though he had lost consciousness for a bit.

    At moments like this you count what really matters.’

    ‘Thank heaven for regulation: the driver made a mistake but they were driving at less than the speed limit.

    And you say thanks for the NHS.

    And other public services.

    And you note why it is that we live in a community.

    And note that it matters.

    And that all pay their part in it by paying tax so we can all enjoy the benefit of living in that society which can function because we do.

    Because, yes I know tax does not pay for public services, but without tax to control the inflation that their supply would otherwise create, much of this would not be possible.’

  16. “One obvious possibility is that she gained her nursing credentials abroad, where perhaps less rigour is applied.”

    Or indeed no exam was ever taken and the qualification obtained by the traditional tribal method of the handing over of used notes…….

  17. O/T Tim but it looks likely the FFC is planning –or drifting into by reason of being a cowardly cunt–some sort of CU sell-out.

    It might be nice to have a chance to discuss this –esp as there is nothing on Contins either.

    Now it is true that Day-Care, Seaman Staines and Breitbart are clickbait specialists but the dozy, evil cow is now dithering all but in public.

    A chance to air said issue would not come amiss.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  18. Tbf: post natal depression should be excluded before passing judgement on her intellectual ability. Real clinical depression as opposed to mere unhappiness does reduce the individual’s ability to function competently at all levels in which case the child is best off with relatives. That said many nurses illustrate the Dunning Kruger effect, believing that a passing familiarity with medical terminology confers a deeper understanding of how the body actually works. I have not heard more superstitious crap confidently delivered than from nurses , often senior ones and midwives are the worst.

  19. Re: NHS, Children, Negligence, Dumb, State

    The (Indian) female doctor who ripped off a babies head in a Dundee NHS hospital has been judged fit to practice. It was a mistake, she expressed remorse…

    Which is more worrying: dim doc or dim nurse?

  20. About 90% of the story is missing here. Why were social services involved in the first place? Were the bits of the social service report quoted the strongest evidence or the weakest evidence? What else did it say? Where’s the evidence of low intellectual ability? Did they do IQ tests or anything of the sort? What’s the Daily Mail’s angle on it? How did they get involved, and why do they think it’s of public interest? (My guess is they’re using it to knock social workers, but it’s a bit ambiguous.) Was the social worker under any pressure to act for some other reason? Was there a grudge, or targets, or something else going on they couldn’t report? How did each of the parties respond to the criticism?

    So far as I can see, no evidence is cited of anything other than a minor lack of “‘elf-n-safety”, which I have to say looks fairly typical of experienced parents. Kids are more robust than non-parents and new parents commonly assume. (Given that babies routinely survive falling out of windows, I think a fall from a Bob-the-Builder truck is not a major hazzard…). The only arguably ‘stupid’ behaviour mentioned is doing it where a hostile social worker could see you! But there’s a lot obviously not being said here, and that could hide a multitude of alternative back stories.

  21. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Van_P: that’s a cultish devotion to the State that reads like something a particularly deranged communist party member would have written in the Stalin era. “My kid’s just been nearly killed; thank god for HMRC.” Who thinks like this? It’s fucking mental.

  22. BiCR

    I have often thought the KCNA would be a useful outlet to showcase Murphy’s talent…

    I agree, it’s a severe form of derangement which calls for sedation and the men in white coats….

  23. “Thank God for regulation” – No 1 regulation for drivers, even ahead of “stop at the red light” is “stop when someone is on a zebra crossing” (to the extent that, in my experience, nearly all drivers stop before I step off the pavement, and a majority stop even earlier when I look to see if it’s clear).
    So regulation was no help.

  24. @ NiV
    Agree mostly but the report does say “an independent social worker” which implies that Social Services had logged concerns and called in a third party presumed to be disinterested to make the independent report. The independent social worker is there with the mother’s consent (can’t be in her home otherwise).
    So this is a “tip of the iceberg” – stage three after someone has called in Social Services because worries, Social Services try to sort out perceived problems, then decide they can’t, last resort is to have baby placed with more competent relatives for which they need court order and court, understandably wants independent evidence. Daily Mail only reports bits of story (probably the easiest for its reporter to understand, not the most important bits). .

  25. john77,

    Could be. That’s one hypothesis.

    Or an alternative is that someone had a grudge against the woman, called social service on her as a way of wrecking her life, social services came and couldn’t see anything wrong, but since the Baby P thing they like to play it safe, and of course there’s no penalty for wrongly taking someone’s baby away but there is for wrongly not doing, so they called in an independent, told them that concerns had been raised, but they couldn’t find enough evidence. People tend to see what they’re expecting, or what they’re looking for, or what they’re incentivised to find.


    There’s not enough information here to tell what’s going on. But it’s very clear that the whole story isn’t being told, and one can only be suspicious as to why that might be.

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