Yes, and?

Top Tory Eurosceptic MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has defended his City firm for setting up an investment fund in Ireland after it emerged that its clients were warned about the risks of a “hard” Brexit.

Somerset Capital Management, the MP’s London-based firm, has launched a new investment vehicle in Dublin.

The news is potentially embarrassing because Mr Rees-Mogg has suggested that a hard Brexit, when the UK would walk away next year without an exit deal or trade arrangement, should not be ruled out.

Isn’t he showing how easily it can all be dealt with? How easy it is to gain passporting and thus continue to sell to Europeans?

7 thoughts on “Yes, and?”

  1. Funds are routinely domiciled in Dublin. Lots of people reading that and gasping in horror will have a pension fund that contains them. Why are people so stupidly ignorant these days?

  2. The Soros backed crew need to be part of mass arrests and T&S charges. As does Soros himself should he again set foot in the UK.

    In truth the Remainiac trash have long been scoring own goals. An d Soros trying to stick his shrunken knob in is an extra bad move for them.

    But Tory Ministerial scum meeting with the Soros gang require punishment.

  3. If his clients = consumers want a fund based in the Outer Hebrides dealing in sealskins and arctic fox pelts, either he sets up the fund or he loses the business. I may be extremely leery of Bitcoin but if a new client tells me they can only pay me in Bitcoin or the deal’s off, my personal set of ethics may have to bend a bit.

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I am fully supportive of Brexit, the harder the better, but I am also seriously considering getting an Irish passport. There is nothing inconsistent in this.

  5. Excuse me!
    JRM hs warned that the risk of a “hard Brexit” should not be ruled out.
    So his firm is taking precautions to help their clients deal with a “hard Brexit”.
    So – isn’t that what they should be doing? [“must” b3e doing]

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