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You’ll not believe this

The clim that periods cost the average British woman £500 a year. The calculation is as follows:

Next, respondents were asked to think of the average amount of money they spend each month on different areas relating to their period, with the totals emerging as follows:

· Pads/tampons/panty-liners/menstrual cups – £13

· New underwear (due to spillages) -£8

· Pain relief – £4.50

· Chocolate/sweets/crisps – £8.50

· Other (magazines/toiletries/DVDs etc.) – £7

Taking these monthly estimates into account, researchers were able to work out that the average period costs £492 annually.


33 thoughts on “You’ll not believe this”

  1. Save £15.50 on magos and sweets etc right off. £8 for new knickers?–wash ’em love. So that’s £23.50 saved.

    For a start.

  2. FFS. 20 tampons cost 95p in Tesco, which is enough for most monthly bleeds. 40 panty liners cost £1.90. 0.95p × 13 = £12.35. Add £3.80 for 80 panty liners = £16.15. With a couple of new pants, plus £5 pa for paracetamol at 19p a packet, the total pa cost is about £25pa.

  3. Have you seen the price of razor blades these days? The local supermarket keeps them in a locked draw.

    Then there’s shaving foam, skin lotions, aftershave, the time spent shaving.

    This is very unfair on men. Free blades at least on the NHS.

  4. £4.50 on pain relief when a pack of 16 generic ibuprofen is 25p? That’s 288 tablets a month; they’re seriously overdosing.

  5. from the size of Danielle Rowley i suggest that of the £25 , £24 was spent on crisps and chocolate rather than £8.50. Anyway don’t these bloaters eat when they don’t have a period?

  6. “respondents were asked to think of the average amount of money they spend”

    How very odd that the ladies were not asked for the receipts for these expenses. Perhaps one cannot get receipts for imaginary expenses.

  7. What have magazines and chocolate got to do with this? She wants the taxpayer to fund chocolate for women?

  8. Pretty much a dictionary definition of “fake news” in any sane and rational society, but ours isn’t.

  9. “John B

    Have you seen the price of razor blades these days? The local supermarket keeps them in a locked draw.

    Then there’s shaving foam, skin lotions, aftershave, the time spent shaving”

    Also, I weep emotionally every time I shave and require 6 cans of Stella, a large pizza and a 12hr on-line pass to Rocco’s ‘hot teen porn’ video channel to help me get through the trauma.

  10. That’s laugh-so-hard-I-spit-coffee-on-the-monitor stuff.

    What makes it all the better is that it’s obvious that the bimbo MP involved considers herself a feminist and a STRONG WOMAN.

  11. @ DtP
    Not a bimbo, middle-aged and unattractive.
    But she’s a “strong woman” because she turns up late because she had a period and it hurt!!! Three-and-a-bit months ago I met a old friend, and his daughter whom I’d not previously met, at a reunion, which reminded me that in his last year he had boxed against Cambridge with a broken finger and we could see that every time he landed a right (he lost on a narrow points decision); it appeared that he had not got round to telling his daughter about that.

  12. @Tim W

    You need to educate “Always” Procter & Gamble; their latest TV ad virtue signals on “buy and we donate to stop period poverty”

    If Gov’t wants to pander and shut down:

    Free NHS branded tampon made from recycled cotton waste available from all NHS sex/family clinics.

    No pads as environmental impact too high.

  13. @Mr Ecks, June 29, 2018 at 11:48 am


    £4.50pm for pain relief is also BS

    However, this is missing the point. The researchers have deliberately widened the scope of “period poverty” to inflate the cost.

    This 315% higher cost will be used by campaigners to demand free pads/tampons.

  14. @John B, June 29, 2018 at 12:37 pm

    Not just blades, foam etc. Men tend to sweat more which means more deodorant and new shirts & socks.

    I hate having to shave every day – free laser hair removal on NHS

  15. @ Pcar
    The main (possibly only) beneficiaries will be Proctor & Gamble and their ilk – the price excluding VAT will rise as the demand/supply curve will shift by far less than 20%. We had this debate 30-odd years ago when I was covering Smith & Nephew. My employer, as an investor in S&N, would have benefited if tampons etc were zero-rated but we declined to join that campaign because we could cee that itwas not for the general good and we had some moral standards.

  16. As has been pointed out when campaigners writer on about fuel poverty, are people suffering from it even deeper into tax poverty?

  17. “Pain relief – £4.50”

    So, the average woman goes through a whole bottle of aspirin every month? Is this like Lucille Bluthe and Vodka?

    Or does she just toss the remaining pills because . . . someone else is paying for them and she wants fresh ones next month?

  18. “abacab

    Re. shaving – I just gave up and trim it down to designer stubble every 6 weeks or so”

    Like most Bulgarian women then.

  19. Bloke in North Dorset

    How do those women in the armed forces and on the front line get their chocolate and magazines? It must have been difficult in Afghanistan.

  20. Rob
    “She wants the taxpayer to fund chocolate for women?”

    Yes. It is just a very large scale shit test.

  21. @john 77, June 29, 2018 at 8:46 pm

    I don’t understand your point, what will increase price? Please rephrase.


  22. @ Pcar
    Supply/demand curve is for price paid by consumer (and affected by cost to supplier). If the price is freed from VAT then the ex-VAT price that will generate the same demand will move to the right (i.e. increase) while the exVAT cost will not be changed. A little of the cost is VAT on supplies but this is much smaller than the VAT on sales (as the selling price includes labour cost and profit) so the main schange in exVAT price will be an increase in profit. There will be a very small decrease in gross price to generate a minimal increase in demand (just what %age of women don’t buy tampons etc because they cannot afford Asda/Lidl own-brand?)

  23. @john 77

    Thanks. Got it. UK Heat affecting my brain.


    btw: when MrsPcar & mum heard that £500pa cost, it was a “whut? BS” moment. The breakdown of costs elicited “fairy tales, lies, lunacy, no wonder don’t believe them”.

    Cost: Tesco 10x Value sanitary towels 23p

    Mum said when she was a teen (50s), towels were the only product widely available.

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