Ah, so that’s it

Two British amateur rugby players died after taking lethal doses of heroin while on a post-match night out in Sri Lanka, a judge has ruled.

Thomas Howard, 25, and Thomas Baty, 26, were on tour in the country when they died in May after suffering breathing difficulties.

We mentioned this when it happened. Heroin being an odd drug to take while nightclubbing.

But, you know, different places, different drugs. And snorting heroin like it’s cocaine is an excellent manner of going into respirtatory failure…..

3 thoughts on “Ah, so that’s it”

  1. “Colombo judge Lanka Jayaratne ordered police to arrest those who sold drugs”

    ” ‘The deaths are not due to any criminal activity, but I order the police to arrest those responsible for selling drugs to them,’ Jayaratne said.”

    So many questions

  2. These guys never watch Pulp Fiction? Mia Wallace accidentally snort high grade heroine because Vincent Vega’s dealer ran out of the usual balloon and got into overdose. Mind you the way they got her out of that jam would in all likelihood kill her but still a how to not do drug scene.

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