And it was all going so well

Railing against local govt subsidies to corporations who might move in. A good thing to rail against. Rather let down by this at the end:

This Forbes article by Tim Worstall begs us to question whether or not Google, Apple, and others are not truly the new Robber Barons. Taking the low road on modern corporate skullduggery, Worstall argues that Steve Jobs was no Vanderbilt. But then, Worstall is a Senior Fellow at the Adam Smith Institute, which is a British neo-liberal think tank bonded at the hip to the likes of Tony Blair, and funded by none other than George Soros – the ultimate Robber Baron.

Perhaps this last intelligence has cemented my point for the reader. If not, stay tuned for my next report.

Author: Phil Butler

How perceptive are we to think Phil is now?

And as to the site. Owned, run, or at least proof read, by non-native English speakers. Actually, I detect a touch of the Slavic in those sentence structures.

8 thoughts on “And it was all going so well”

  1. Soros, I doubt it. But I have no idea. The ASI doesn’t reveal its funders. No, not even to me.

  2. Everything you need to know about Phil Butler is conveyed by the fact he seems to think that Blair and the ASI are in cahoots

  3. “The ASI doesn’t reveal its funders.”

    In which case:

    “and funded by none other than George Soros”

    must be making shit up (unless Soros has personally told him). Is that generally what he does (make shit up)?

  4. @ PF
    It’s clever to make a smear that cannot be disproved except by the innocent victim releasing information that he/she/it has promised never to divulge. Next week Mr Butler will inform his readers what Tim “confessed to his parish priest as a child”

  5. Read their About Us section. Barely uses the definite article.

    “About us
    Today, people of US do not receive objective and independent information about events occurring on the territory of America and around the world.

    In post-truth situation and globalized communications it is important to recover quality journalism and feedback from citizens for real democratic process in US that suffers from political lobbies and old cliches from Cold War times.

    Our goal is to keep real democracy strong and to discuss current events that affects our everyday life.”

    Lols. The “territory of America”. As Bruce Sprinstreen sang, “I was boooorn in the territory of Americaaaa”.

    Half-assed even the Russians’ low, low standards.

  6. Is Phil Butler Boris Badenov? I shall leave a comment asking him how feels about Moose and Squirrel, and if he starts to rave, we’ll know.

    Next up: The Evil of Small Tree Climbing Rodents, by Natasha Nogoodnik.

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