Boris has gone, has he?

That might be the start of it – if Gove goes too?

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  1. Any minister, deputy and secretary who wishes to be part of the surviving rump of the Tories better get their resignations in before midnight.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    It’s inconceivable that Gove should resign – he has performed an astonishing feat of contortion over the last few days and resignation would mean a reversion to the status quo ante.

    What’s interesting is whom she will get to replace Boris. If she goes for a Leaver, she’s not spoilt for choice and if she goes for a Remainer she will be not so much toast as Melba toast.

  3. Next I expect the 1922 blokes and she-blokes to do something. Anyone who has thought this through realises NeverExit means the end of the Conservative Party. So they’d best get rid of reverse-Midas May now.

  4. As I remember it was Gove’s coming out for leave which pushed Boris to make his agonised decision, which was in my view crucial to Leave’s success.

    This time too it took someone else to make the first move before he girded up his loins (pass the mind bleach!) to make his move.

    One wonders how he acquired his reputation as a womaniser.

  5. I think Boris has come to the conclusion that it is now or never. He’s probably right.

    I expect the 1922 committee to receive at least a handful of letters today calling for Theresa May to go and a leadership election to be held.

    Remember though – He who wields the knife, seldom wears the crown.

  6. I think Gove and Liam Fox–Mr “Personal Assurances”– have shit their holes full as the saying goes. They are husks now resign or not.

    Now it is the back bencher leavers who must strike.

    And the remain -sucking MPs who have regard for their necks must realise that a double ZaNu/BluLabour Brexit sellout =Corbin and UK Venezuela.

    Which further equals being unemployed just as all the businesses that offer them all those post Parliament nice little jobs and one day a week directorships will all be fucked up by socialism. As will the benefits system so they won’t even be able to sign on like now.

    A decent Brexit is their one road to election victory and financial survival.

  7. John Galt said:
    “I expect the 1922 committee to receive at least a handful of letters today calling for Theresa May to go”

    Rumour I heard was that over 30 were sent in last night. Not quite enough to trigger a formal challenge, but close. No idea if that’s true, but suggests a concerted action.

  8. Ecksy – I think Gove and Liam Fox–Mr “Personal Assurances”– have shit their holes full as the saying goes

    Empty kilts.

  9. So you just had to join us at this juncture did you Fatfuck?

    Because you are shitbricking the collapse of the sellout gang and you have to make some pathetic attempt at …what?

    You imagine your wit and wisdom will psyche us out?

    Son if they boiled your corpulent carcass down for soap you wouldn’t even make EU standards. No amount of scent would cover your stink.

  10. I’ve stopped being arsed to be honest. I’m wealthy enough to ride out a hard Brexit and still have money for popcorn when the pitchforks start getting sharpened for the likes of Rees Mogg and Farage, and a soft Brexit or no Brexit at all has all the crybabies here blubbing like bitches, so either way, I’m good

  11. The great leftist who boasts “Oim considerably reecher than yow”.

    If–God willing– we get a decent Brexit and follow up against all the womi scum in this country we will, in ten years, be once more the wonderful nation we used to be.

    And you will have borrowed a rusty pitchfork to top yourself with.

  12. I don’t know whether I’m richer than you (I suspect as much, because you come across as a bit of a fucking idiot, but you might have inherited money or won the lottery), and I’m not a leftist by any conventional standards.

    Not sure what your “follow up” entails, but clearly your betters have concluded that a hard Brexit will be catastrophic and won’t be wanting their own heads rammed into spikes on Traitors Gate, so I’d say you’re pretty unlikely to get what you want. I will be irritated if I have to stump up three quarters of a million for a Maltese passport (not concerned for myself so much, but my kids deserve the same freedom of movement that the Brexit pensioners have enjoyed throughout their working lives), so they will get it, no matter what.

  13. Fatty. Rich enough off your own labours or from entitlements, rent and benefits paid by the rest of us?

  14. Bought a business with some others, sold it to PE later for more. Certainly much owed to taxpayers (education, infrastructure, rule of law etc), but quite a chunk contributed too

  15. I think the Tories are fucked whatever happens.
    If they go with May, they lose at the next election, which could come a lot sooner than they want, and Labour get in.
    If they kick May out and bring in another remainer, ditto.
    If they kick May out and bring in a Leaver, splits, schisms, early election and Labour get in.

    I suppose there is just the hope that they bring in a Leaver, the backbench cowards (most of whom are essentially unemployable), sit it out, and the country sticks with Brexit. But it will take some serious politicking, a lot of guts and a lot of luck, and they don’t seem to have much of any of those.

    Mind you, I thought we would lose the Brexit vote and I was confident that Trump had zero chance of winning, so what do I know?

  16. Interested–You are right about the first two but the third is much more hopeful. With a decent Brexit –and after kicking the FFC out thus proving they mean it–they get Brexit votes including the Northern Working class. They win. Now are the remain hacks going to in-fight? Not if the want to keep their fucking lucrative jobs and pensions they won’t. Ego-grumble maybe but little more. Trying to find a cash-rich p/t job or directorship in Venezuela UK under McNasty is a non-starter. There will be state sinecures for ZaNu but a man who wants Tories hanged won’t be helping Tories–unless to get them actually swinging.

  17. Fattty–You are started to ramble chum.

    £750 grand for a packet of Malteasers? That is outrageous even for the EU.

  18. The only hope is a PM that demonstrates respect for voters, their expressed wishes and aspirations as well as someone able to articulate and deliver on the country’s best interests, someone obviously not beholden to the permanent political class or unelected elites. I think people, lied to, ignored and despised, would warm to that, whether traditional Labour or Conservative, an anyone but professional politician sort of leader. JRM might be that person. DD should have been that person when the fatuous Dave was misguidedly chosen.

  19. Bloke in North Dorset

    I don’t think they’ll move against May. If they botch it thecamt do anything for a year and Speccie commentators think it’s too close to call. apparently she’s let it be known that she won’t go if she wins by 1 vote.

    Now, if Boris had turned out to be a good FS it might have been different. Instead he’s been an incompetent buffoon who has pisssed off many of his supporters.

    My money is on the EU demanding more and then is she concedes that will be the trigger. However, I wouldn’t put it past the traitorous bastards to have had secret talk with the EU and got the nod on this proposal.

  20. Remember, if May is replaced, we still have the shit-for-Brexit parliament she saddled us with. You could have Boris Rees Davis as PM and still the wider selection of troughing MPs and leftie civil servants will plot to torpedo Brexit.

    It’s tough to see a good way forward.

  21. PJF – Sure, but two things:

    * May needs to be punished. She’s fannied about for two years and achieved nothing except make Jeremy Corbyn look electable. The poo sandwich she’s trying to make the country eat on Brexit is a turd too far. If we don’t want to be a banana republic, we can’t afford to tolerate this two fingered salute to the democratic will of the British people.

    * It’s amazing what actual leadership can achieve. We’ve had a series of incompetent managerialist twats in Downing Street for so long it’s easy to forget that.

    Brexit is, let’s not forget, popular. Overwhelmingly so with Conservative voters. That’s not the same thing as a Parliamentary majority, but a talented PM could use the bully pulpit to great effect.

    Imagine if we had a leader who, instead of constantly looking for ways to grovel and appease people who lost the bloody referendum, had the confidence and character to call out their bullshit?

    It’s absolutely amazing that we decided to leave the EU in 2016, and we have politicians and unelected twerps still pretending that’s impossible, or the people who pay their wages are wrong, or that we voted to become a colony of Brussels.

    Let them eat shit.

  22. Re Tory remain MPs:If they fuck Brexit its Corbin and welcome to their new lives as the losers they are.

    The human race is full of fools. But there are very few fools mad enough to sink the lifeboat with their squabbling. If fucking Brexit over was a popular move outside of in-bred remainiac circles the Fish Faced Cow would not be in the heaps of trouble that she is in. And Tory MPs would not be hearing allsorts of things they don’t want to hear from the Party members and the Public.

  23. “Can a peer be PM?”

    Parliament is supreme, so yes, it’s possible. Bloody unlikely though save in some ginormous emergency. In 1940 Lord Halifax allegedly didn’t think the emergency was big enough to justify his becoming PM in the Lords. Whether that interpretation of events is accurate is another matter. Maybe he just bottled it.

  24. @Pcar

    The last peer to be called upon to serve as Prime Minister, Sir Alec Douglas-Home, renounced his peerage shortly after taking office in 1963.

    The Marquess of Salisbury, who retired in 1902, was the last Prime Minister to lead a government from the Lords.

  25. May would win any confidence vote – at this stage. And a vote of confidence from her MPs would only strengthen her hand. So it is too early to challenge her just yet: the White Paper (due Wednesday, iirc) needs to be analysed and dispassionately rebutted first. The brexiteers need to win the spin contest.

    Then it needs to be seen what:
    a) the EU’s response is
    b) the brexiteer rebuttal achieves
    c) May’s response is to (a) and (b).

    Ideally, May would see the game’s up and sack traitor Robbins and remainiacs like Barwell; but this is very unlikely. Most probably, she will either row back a little (in which case EU rejection becomes inevitable) or she makes concessions to the EU (in which case she would be more likely to lose a no confidence vote in the parliamentary party).

    She, however, wants to hold on to her job: her vanity is such that she hopes to redeem herself electorally, and not go down in history as a failure. So my guess is that she will row back a little.
    (But then my forecasting record on here is even worse than Interested’s!)

    From a brexiteer point of view, a three month leadership contest in the Tory Party would leave the civil service completely in control of the negotiations. Traitor Robbins would seize the opportunity. And May’s replacement might be little better than she is…

  26. BoJo’s timing was

    brilliant: resigned verbally minutes before May entered HoC to make her statement, destroyed her mojo

    On DD not resigning Fri-Sun, like BoJo it was tactical. Weekend news coverage is poor.

  27. Theo – And a vote of confidence from her MPs would only strengthen her hand.

    Maybe in her apparently increasingly unhinged mind. In reality even having a confidence vote is a terrible rebuke for a weak PM who was already barely treading water.

    Because there’s a bigger issue here. Are we a democracy, or are we not? The government’s shocking, shameful, shitty NeverExit plan proves they have no intention of obeying the electorate. We cannot let this stand.

    brexiteers need to win the spin contest.

    Already done. People who voted to Leave hate this plan and are sick of Theresa May’s haggard face.

    She, however, wants to hold on to her job: her vanity is such that she hopes to redeem herself electorally, and not go down in history as a failure.

    Too late. She’s already failed. Labour will win the next election if May is still somehow PM. Nothing in that useless, spineless, idiotic woman’s history of incompetent fuckups suggests she even knows why she’s widely disliked.

    From a brexiteer point of view, a three month leadership contest in the Tory Party would leave the civil service completely in control of the negotiations.

    How would we tell the difference?

    There was a time to give T. May the benefit of the doubt. That time has passed. If you find yourself in an aircraft piloted by a dribbling spastic who wants to crash into a mountain while muttering “strong and stable… strong and stable!”, it’s possible that wresting the controls away won’t do any good. But it doesn’t hurt to try.

    If the Tories don’t ditch May, they might as well rebrand themselves the Stormy Daniels Party. Because that’s how fucked they’ll be.

  28. “Ideally, May would see the game’s up and sack traitor Robbins and remainiacs like Barwell”

    Theo–You remind me of those war movies where Rommel says that “der Fuhrer is being badly advised by those around him, that is all”.

    You must see that May is a Brexit saboteur up to her wattled and shit-creased wrinkled neck. She knows what she is trying to do: Fuck Brexit on behalf of he “elite” EU buddies.

    It is just that she is universally fucking useless that is all.

  29. Ecksy

    ‘You must see that May is a Brexit saboteur up to her wattled and shit-creased wrinkled neck. She knows what she is trying to do: Fuck Brexit on behalf of he “elite” EU buddies.’

    Yes, I think that is at least partly true. But I also think she is so vacuous that she doesn’t know what she wants. Timid, indecisive and dim, she stubbornly defers to the civil service,
    and generally prefers to minimise any changes to the status quo. Bizarrely, she wants to lead her party into the next election, believing that she can redeem herself electorally. To that end, she wants to avoid or minimise the disruption of brexit in case she is blamed for it by voters. A bold leader, of course, would have warned that a no deal Brexit would be disruptive but promised that he would lead the country to the sunlit uplands of freedom from the dysfunctional and oppressive Fourth Reich.

  30. Steve

    I have to disagree. A failed coup will at best wound her, and, by deterring a future coup, indirectly strengthen her in the short term. The plotters must strike when they can win. And that moment is not yet, though it could appear very soon.

    “People who voted to Leave hate this plan…”

    The vast majority of leave voters haven’t even considered it yet.

    “How would we tell the difference?”

    Because there would be no-one with the time during a leadership contest to prevent the civil service engineering complete capitulation and even the withdrawal of Article 50.

    I understand your desire to punish May, and she deserves it. However, Romans 12:19 is apt here:
    “…avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.”
    She’ll get what’s coming to her soon enough.

  31. BoJo and DD both failed to mention the EU’s primary fiscal purpose, and the number one reason for the EU Customs Union in their resignation letters.
    Like Leave campaigners who thought the membership money could be better spent on the NHS, they are scum. We’re better off without them. At least Gove has a solid notion that farmland owner subsidies need replacing with something cheaper and better environmentally. He should stay.

  32. “…Gove has a solid notion that farmland owner subsidies need replacing with something cheaper and better environmentally.”

    The cheapest option is to phase them out, as New Zealand did.

  33. what a sorry state uk politics is in. May appears to have no leadership skills whatsover, the charisma of a dead haddock and no achievements except to be leader of the conservative party – mostly down to the fuckwittery of the previous contenders. To top it all she seems to be entirely ignorant of the danger posed by islam and regurgitates the religion of peace lie. As opposition we have lenin aka steptoe supported by the thug mcdonnell who is itching to turn the uk into a carbon copy of venezuela along with support from abbott who appears to be brain damaged. We’ve got the libdems fanatical eu remainers led by someone who i thought had died and the greens who believe in unlimited migration (thus turning the uk from green and pleasant to brown and shitty. And itching in the wings we have the porridge wogs led by the poisoned dwarf.

  34. All this bleating.

    But your dream is dead. Get over it. Thanks to you, we will not have all the benefits of membership, but will have all the burdens.

    You have all harmed your country. Basically, you’re traitors

  35. ” But there are very few fools mad enough to sink the lifeboat with their squabbling.”

    Trouble is, Mr Ecks, many of these Tory MPs see the EU as their lifeboat. I really don’t think many of them are that bothered about their seats, or about a Conservative majority. And the election is ways off.

    As I said above, any Brexiteer PM still has to face the reality of continued defeat at the hands of the majority remainers in the Commons and the Lords, and sabotage by the ‘crats.

  36. fuck off fatty. The only traitor is someone like you who prefers to be told what to do by the likes of druncker and verhofstadt. Worms like you make me sick with your cowardice and your snivelling subservience to foreign powers. In a decent world mr ecks would be constructing your gibbett.

  37. “You have all harmed your country. Basically, you’re traitors”

    So, there’s chaos because the establishment is preventing the clear will of the people, and it’s the people who are the traitors?


  38. Fat cunt

    “You have all harmed your country. Basically, you’re traitors”

    No one as stupid as that has £0.75 lying around to piss on passports 🙂

    Maybe if it was Daddy’s money, but certainly not through running and selling their own business.

    Many small businessmen tend towards the more sceptical: costly regulation and bureaucracy you see. Which if you knew anything at all; but it’s clear from the nature of your pointless ramblings above that you don’t have any real sense of that kind of thing.

  39. Fatty (and his fellow Remainiacs) simply want “to dissolve the people and elect another”.

  40. The UK is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards. H/T Claire Wolfe

  41. May clings on. No contest. Not surprisingly, not enough letters to 1922. Brexiteer Tory MPs are a minority.

  42. Fatuck is on here trying to taunt us because he is a supersuccess who can afford £750000 on a packet of Maltesers.

  43. PJF–Tory fuckwit MPs who don’t want to be out on there arses in Corbinland are NOT a minority tho’.

    None of them love the EU that much.

  44. Fatty (and his fellow Remainiacs) simply want “to dissolve the people and elect another”.

    Well the USSR certainly liquidated its fair share of dissenters. I’m sure the though of similar keeps Verhofstadt warm at night….

  45. I think you’re wrong, Mr Ecks. They know they’re electoral toast if May’s NeverExit goes through. And they’ve just permitted that to happen by keeping her in. They’re just not that bothered.

  46. So Much For Subtlety

    Better drivers and cars today than a good chance at holding office tomorrow?

    They are so gutless. May still there? Why?

    It was a mistake to dissolve UKIP.

  47. A Plain English summary of May’s appeasement

    A Slow Bus to Brussels:

    “…for Single Market read ‘free trade area for goods’; for ECJ jurisdiction read ‘consistent interpretation and application of UK-EU arrangements….with due regard paid to EU case law’. It’s a sleight of hand that wouldn’t look out of place on an old Paul Daniels magic show.

    The fig leaf of sovereignty is there, but it is so heavily compromised by the need to ape every rule of the EU, it makes the prospects of trade and regulatory divergence (two of the prime opportunities of Brexit) completely null and void.

    So where do we go from here? The Lib Dems or Labour? Never in a trillion years! The Conservatives? A party where those of genuine Eurosceptic conviction are in an enfeebled minority position at Westminster! UKIP? Cleverly neutered by Conservative statecraft to the point of extinction!

    No, there’s nowhere for people like me to go anymore. We’re voiceless. Millions of us – voiceless. What a shameful, appalling, scandalous pass we’ve reached in British politics.”

    Heartbreaking that May ignores every offer of free trade with USA. Imho after Trump meets EIIR he will ignore UK.

  48. She can’t be challenged as Conservative Leader more than once in 12 months, but she can be challenged as Prime Minister at any time and at any frequency as long as Parliament is in session.

    I have a nagging thought that she might do a Ramsay Macdonald and chuck the party and continue as PM.

  49. Her rule is without any legitimacy already jgh. She could do as you say but every such move brings Corbin nearer. The longer she hangs on and uses every trick the more she is fucked and just a one woman ( plus hangers on) rotten borough so to speak. 2022 means ZaNu full stop at this rate.

    And (excluding die-hard remainiac scum) those kind of capers–like Antifa/ “attack non-leftists”in the streets” in the USA–will drive all decent rational former remain voters ever more against the madness on display. That our supposed leader will accept no limits to fucking our country and people over so that she and her crew can suck EU dick is not a winning formula for the bitch.

  50. So Much For Subtlety

    The Mail is reporting that support for Brexit is up 15% since the vote. I am dubious.

    However the problem here is that some significant section of the Tories don’t want to go while a non-trivial section of the Labour party does. Both parties are hopelessly divided.

    I wonder if Boris is smart enough to talk to someone like Frank Field who might talk to some of his friends. With a view to forming a government of national unity across party lines? A temporary arrangement between the pro-s on both sides against the anti-s. One which side would Corbyn fall?

  51. The Labour leadership is WAY more lefty than its membership or its MPs. There’s a disconnect.
    The Tory leadership is WAY more Remainy than its membership or the voters. There’s a disconnect.
    It seems our soiled political class is simply incapable of representing anything but their own self-serving views.
    We need some new parties to vote for – because both Conservativer qand Labour parties are deeply, deeply fucked.

  52. You have all harmed your country. Basically, you’re traitors

    This statement encapsulates everything wrong with modern western society. The US is further along this road than we are, but we’re catching up.
    Either you agree with us, or you’re a traitor/fascist/racist/epithet during jour.
    Once you’ve gone down that road, and refuse to countenance the opposition position because of their racism/treachery etc, there’s no outcome except the inevitable civil war.

    The left are worse for this than the right. Dark times ahead.

  53. There is a horrible calculation here that can’t be avoided I’m afraid: a deal, any deal, and the Tories get re-elected; no deal gets is a Corbyn government. So the Tories will vote for whaTeversham Theresa May brings back. They will hold their noses and accept a dreadful deal. They will no know the bad deal is far worse than no deal, but they will vote for it.
    This is how it has been since Theresa May blew the 2016 general election.
    After the he Brexit deal is signed off Theresa May will have lost her cover. Likewise if she tries to extend the Article 50 deadline. Either way, by Autumn 2019, but not before, it will be over for her.
    For us Brexiteers: we start again! We don’t stop until we are rid of the EU. And my Remainer friends had better get used to it.

  54. No Ironman.

    A sellout is what will bring Corbin. If both ZaNu and BluLab go in with a sellout than the northern vote has no reason not abstain or vote “my Dad ” etc. And that brings Corbin.

    Tory MPs make pigshit look like liquid mercury but even they are not stupid enough to imagine that ANY deal–esp BRINO–will magically ensure their survival. They will be hearing it daily from their party members.

    As witness the bloke yesterday who was told that if Mays turd is not flushed he would be the only one campaigning on his behalf in his constituency.

  55. When the penny drops that we have EU legislation and probably taxation, but no representation, then the people will see they have been shafted.

  56. @ Fatty
    If we get the burden of membership without the benefits it be the fault of the BBC, the FT and other people like you who conspire to block the clear vote of the British people.
    I voted “Remain” because I thought that we could not reform the EU from outside but we lost. So I accept that the UK *must* leave and it is clear to me (and I am not stupid) that a bad deal is worse than “no deal”.
    Some twat says that we won’t have medicines if there was “no deal”- anyone who anything about it would know that it is the EU 27 who would short of medicine if there was disruption as the UK is the world’s no 2 in discovering/creating/manufaturing medicines after the USA and ahead of Switzerland – there is no EU country in the top 3.
    Of course we should be short of Prosecco, to the horror of Guardianistas, but Moldovan champanski isn’t bad and Oz, NZ, Chile and Argentina produce decent wines at a fraction of French prices.

  57. John 77 +1

    In addition, there would only be a shortage of Prosecco, or anything else, if we are daft enough to block such imports at the border (not even the EU in full self damage mode should be stupid enough to hold up their own “exports”!).

    And, even if no deal / resorting to WTO – fine, we simply insist that importing companies continue to deal with taxes on large scale movements as part of their existing day to day customs / VAT admin, the same as they do currently.

    Small scale (ie immaterial) could – at most – be the occasioanal checking / crushing of “white vans blatantly (and illegally) taking the piss”.

    I saw one interesting suggestion: To threaten to ignore WTO and apply *much* higher tariffs in places, for example specifically on German cars, just to get Merkel’s full and undivided attention – if Barnier continued to play the plonker…

  58. John 77

    No – this was totally predictable, and indeed predicted, but the Murdoch and Barclay sheeple still voted for their hatred of the foreign.

    It’s on them

  59. “…the occasioanal checking / crushing of “white vans…”

    Off topic, but this is wrong as is carried out; same with the police crushing vehicles that they reckon to have no insurance, etc. No destruction of private property should occur until an offence has been proven in court. The executive branches should not be our judges and juries.

  60. Fatty

    If you still believe that it’s all about “hatred of the foreign”, then you really haven’t understood any of this, have you?

    Perhaps ask your parents to sit down with you and explain it?

    “It’s on them”

    I guess that’s an improvement on accsuing everyone “here” of being traitors! One step at a time, eh?

  61. @john 77, July 10, 2018 at 4:07 pm

    I voted “Remain” because I thought that we could not reform the EU from outside but we lost. So I accept that the UK *must* leave and

    [This:]it is clear to me (and I am not stupid) that a bad deal is worse than “no deal”.


    Re: 15% increase in Leave support

    Sounds about right, many remainers are aghast at how punishingly EU is treating UK. The scales are falling of remainers eyes and daily more want out.

  62. According to Seaman Staines the Fish Faced Cow has just told Mutti Merkal that she (Merkin that is) can’t answer any press questions about the Chequers plot.

    Its like “Carry On Treason”.

    Theo is right–and it hurts to say that–no premature attempt to get her out. Give her enough rope to leave her twisting in the wind. This is Major and his cones hotline x 1000.

  63. @Mr Ecks

    The same reporter (it was Captain Groves of the Mail) proceeded to ask Ms Merkel what she thought of Mrs May’s Chequers proposals. Might she, or at least the Europeans, now ‘get on with it’ when it came to Brexit? Mrs May butted in to say Chancellor Merkel would be havin’ her own questions, thank you, so would not be answering that.

    Ms Merkel, who had initially responded to the ‘get on with it’ remark with a killer stare, allowed her two eyebrows to pop towards the ceiling. Seeing Mrs May deal thus with a scurvy Fleet Street scribe, she gave a little grin. A Merkel smile! These are collectors’ items. The next British reporter, from Sky News, also asked Mrs May about Boris. ‘Do you think he’s plotting against you?’ And what did Ms Merkel think of our preparations for a ‘no deal’ Brexit? This time Ms Merkel just kept her bloodhound chops in place.

    Mrs May declined to mention Boris or even refer to his existence. He has become The Man With No Name. She fell into her usual litany about ‘a smooth and orderly Brexit… protects jobs… protects livelihoods…etc’. When that happens, you can almost hear the tape click.

    The Polish chap coughed up that he had got pretty much everything he wanted from the Brexit negotiations, both money-wise and regarding Polish expats’ rights. Another satisfied customer for Downing Street’s Olly Robbins.

    And that was it. The puddings wished no more interrogation. A specialist reporter, who had just spent two mind-numbing days at that summit, was furious. ‘Not a single question about the Western Balkans!’ he thundered.

  64. Littlejohn

    The letter shows clearly that trust between the two has broken down irreparably.

    This became all the more apparent when it emerged that Downing Street — which Boris yesterday had warned in advance he would resign that evening — brutally and dishonourably leaked the news before he had even had time to write his resignation letter.

    May is a despicable woman

    “How does she square that with her Christian conscience? How can she live with the knowledge that she has betrayed the British people? Every week this vicar’s daughter parades her piety, pictured leaving the Sunday service at her local church in Berkshire. Who knew her role model here on earth was Judas Iscariot?”

  65. She is scum simple as that. No need for speculation. A treasonous bitch who must be brought down at all costs.

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