Rees-Mogg calls on Brexiteers across the country to join the Tory Party and change it from within

Might work. It didn’t with Militant, seems to have done with Momentum…..

12 thoughts on “Entryism!”

  1. I tried it and I wouldn’t bother. The membership might be like Mogg, but the activists are mostly Ruth Davidson, one nation types.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    It is very hard to displace a pre-existing political party. The newest political party in England is the Labour Party which goes back to the 1900s. The SDP tried to break in but failed and merged with the Liberals. The Scottish National Party has come from nowhere but even that is much older than you would think.

    The benefits of incumbency are huge. Which suggests that entryism is likely to be the best choice. But what the Tories need are not supporters of Brexit. They need *angry* supporters of Brexit. People willing to do the committee meeting work, willing to stay up to 2 am arguing. That is why Corbyn’s Trots are such a power in the Labour Party.

    So step 1 is – become very angry indeed.

  3. Already in UKIP but it is worth a go.

    Meanwhile keep the pressure up on MP scum.

    Leadsom is on Twitter sticking her tongue up May’s arse. Theo was indeed correct about her –and I hate that that is the second time I have had to say that. But membership and 3 months give a leadership vote so it might be worthwhile.

    The Treasonous Bitch May needs to be given time to keep hanging herself.

    She will reject JRM’s amendments that might improve the Turd Deal for the British people but will crawl back from the ESpew with a list of demands that make the Turd worse.

    Don’t be conned by some 4-eyed EU bitch in the media saying that they are not rejecting the deal out of hand. That is just to stir matters. The UK controlling migration they can’t accept–only some deceit whereby we claim to but actually can’t.

    All this shows the British state has far too much power. That once they are in they are far too able to what they like. That must end.

  4. Thinking about it a little –only a longer term plan for reform. Replace the womi trash over time and reform it into a worthwhile organisation. Not easy even then as you will be up against professional liars, conmen and real scum who don’t want their rice bowls broken over their heads. And lawdogs are the worst of these.

    At present there are more than enough Brexit members to vote May to Hell given a chance. If you give more money now by joining the Bitch will just use it for pro-sellout propaganda. Join UKIP instead. It has the same pressure power and if the Tories straighten up and fly right you can still vote for them anyway.

    The pressure MUST now go on scum MPs and their local Associations. Destroy the idea that they can brass it out and somehow they’ll be alright. The dole queue in Corbin’s Britain is what they will actually get.

    That slag Leadsom is a case in point. Like Fox ( Fucx would be the better spelling) she is gurning on Twitter about helping May deliver the sellout ( to advance herself of course) It is that kind of bullshit that must be pressure-hosed off their hides. Supporting May is their suicide bid not their road to an ongoing wages grab.

    Piling on to the PCP is the best way now. May is trying to use the Spectre of Corbin for her ends. We need to hijack it for ours.

    We have the advantage that Corbin or May no longer matter. Either way this country will be a fucked up police state on its way to Hell. May out on her arse and a decent Brexit is now our only chance–so we have nothing to lose and everything to go for.

  5. Mr Ecks

    Is there a chance you could collate your entire commentary into a ‘Collected works’ – I’d pay for a copy! Fantastic stuff….

  6. As I understand it 60-70% of conservative party members are already pro independence, but still wind up supporting candidates imposed by head office.
    Will a few thousand newcomer activists wake these people up and upset the system, or will they be sidelined?
    A better bet, with a history of working, is to rebuild UKIP to the extent that it threatens the “elite” grip on power, thus forcing said “elite” to change direction simply to maintain their status. Given that their only principle is to maintain their own power it is only necessary to threaten that to make them move. The threat will need to be sustained this time however.

  7. Pat–May has plans to remove absolutely ALL influence of party members on candidate selection.

    It is now somewhat iffy now that she can get them thro’ of course.

  8. SMFS et al.. Well, as my moniker makes clear I am more than a little peeved.
    I joined my local party. South Suffolk. The committee is the same old same old. They are not going to let a bloke like me anywhere near it.

  9. Trying to get the Tory party to change from within will take too long and Brexit will have been lost by then. The only option is for people to join UKIP and to tell pollsters that they are voting UKIP.

    Politicians are all, invariably, troughing pigs with zero morals or ingrained beliefs; if Tory politicians they see that there is a chance that an increasing UKIP vote in their marginal seats will mean that they get taken away from the swill, then they will change their tune faster than you can say “but what about my expenses?”.

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