Given what Conde Nast does publish…..

Gwyneth Paltrow’s partnership with Condé Nast was touted by the publisher’s artistic director Anna Wintour as a “something remarkable, a thoroughly modern take on how we live today”. The plan was for the publisher to make a regular Goop magazine, but it all fell apart when Condé Nast wanted to fact-check Goop articles, according to an interview with Paltrow in the New York Times Magazine.

Paltrow wanted to publish interviews with non-traditional healers and practitioners, as they do on the Goop website. She wasn’t especially concerned about checking whether what they said in their answers was medically correct or even scientifically possible. But Condé Nast insisted on claims being verified – when that became impossible, some health interviews were replaced with quickly pulled together travel pieces. The magazine closed after two issues and the partnership ended.

the junk in those pieces must have been pretty bad.

2 thoughts on “Given what Conde Nast does publish…..”

  1. Magazine company gives brainless, batshit crazy actress a magazine to run and discovers, to their horror, she’s produced a brainless, batshit crazy magazine.

    Now, who who amongst could have seen this coming? I mean that honestly… who?

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