The man known as Nick, whose allegations sparked the VIP sex abuse scandal, was last night charged with inventing the claims and then fraudulently claiming £22,000 in compensation claims.

The 50-year-old – whose true identity can still not be revealed for legal reasons – will appear in court in September, after the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) charged him with 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one count of fraud.

Prosecutors also allege that Nick created a fake witness called ‘Fred’ and sent police emails from a false account in an attempt to corroborate his claims.

But of course we must always believe accusers, no?

I think the correct construction is “always consider seriously accusations”

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  1. Indeed the highly credible allegations of rentboys being torn apart by cars –Roman arena-style–in the HoC car park are doubtless what convinced Plod of the trustworthy nature of the allegations made.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    People used to learn about Titus Oates in school. At least in law school.

    But then those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

    Someone ought to explain to the police the origin of the term sycophant and why paying people to denounce is not a good idea.

  3. “Always believe the accusers” is an excellent credo for people who are trying to handle an upset person coming to grips with what they say is sexual assault.
    It’s a foolish credo for people trying to investigate if sexual assault actually happened. Even if they are genuinely upset, well, sexual encounters affect our emotions deeply, and the fact that you got hurt doesn’t mean that your partner was assaulting you.

  4. “It’s a foolish credo for people trying to investigate if sexual assault actually happened. ”

    You are behind the times Cayley. The above is wicked white male patriarchy as is all evidence, witnesses , facts etc.

    Hence the lefts vast efforts to use trannies to establish and enshrine the principles of Marxist subjectivist evil into law. That way everybody has their own truth. So her truth is you raped her–yours is you didn’t. Her “truth” will always win esp once all that witnesses/evidence/forensics nonsense is out of the way. Why would she say you did it if you didn’t. As for you saying you didn’t –well that’s what a rapist like you would say isn’t it.

    Get the picture.

    If you think I jest consider the Leeds Hospital “investigation” into the alleged crimes of J Saville. All sorts of claims are taken entirely at face value based on whether biased femmi-crew think they are credible or not. Mostly the cases are too long gone by to check properly anyway ( and thus “Not Guilty” should apply to such). Very rarely there is a chance to check a story for fact. The three 16 year old girls supposedly walking down a corridor are accosted by JS who grabs one, sticks is tongue down her throat and holds her there for 30 seconds. In front of a corridor of folk none of whom–of course–do a damn thing. I am not a trained investigator but my first action would be to trace her two friends to check their version of events. No the Leeds “investigators” just accept the story at face value and make no attempt to seek out any verification. Cos it would be Marxist sacrilege to not accept a “victim” report.

    The evil of subjectivism is being spread don’t doubt it.

  5. How I bloody wish Anna Raccoon were alive to see this day, may the good Lord rest her Quaker soul.

  6. I think most of the police investigators must have realised it was a pack of lies early on, but because of political pressure they had to keep it rolling.

    I expect it was when he said that everyone started turning into lizards that the police started to realise that they couldn’t make it fly.

  7. @ Hector
    Providing that we recognise that in this case “political pressure” was mostly from the BBC, not elected politicians.
    Anyone in the HoC would have found the idea of Harvey Proctor being offerred anything except a cup of hemlock at the house of Ted Heath laughable.

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