Me: Early thirties. MA in Women’s Studies. Essayist at the beginning of her career, a woman who didn’t shy away from writing about sex, trauma, addiction and all of that Hard Life Stuff.


The personal essay is a place of expression. Exploration. Experimentation. It’s a sacred space, even. I’ve figured out a lot about myself, have had life-changing revelations and intriguing insights all while orchestrating a personal essay. I say “orchestrating” because it’s more than just the actual writing that gets me closer to me, but it’s the editing that brings enlightenment—the choreography and control of relentless revisions that undoubtedly help me to understand more about me, my relationship to language, who I am in the larger world. It’s all about finding the perfect words, their power, discovering the precise way to describe the experiences that have shaped me. Made me. The revision process is when I sit down with myself—sit in myself—to soak in my words and figure out what I’m really trying to say.

How do we think this career as an essayist is going to pan out?

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Keep an eye on this one, Tim. She’s going to be the source of quite a few posts if that drivel is anything to go by.

  2. I have to ask – what in heck is “Women’s Studies”?

    I mean, what’s the subject matter? How do you get graded? What’s the product once you’ve graduated (that is, what would people pay you to create)?

    Not a likely winner.

    But who knows? She might be Touched By Trump and immediately become an authority on something…

  3. She’s narcissism incarnate!

    Is this how western civilisation ends? In introspection, self-absorption, ‘wokeness’, coal-burning (aka inter-species sex), trannie-dom, Gay Pride….

  4. She claims to be called “CHELSEY CLAMMER”.

    Either she’s got a sense of humour or her parents had none at all.

    She can’t write, though; not even a little bit.

  5. How does she come to be at the beginning of her career while being (purportedly) in her early thirties? Maybe she’s come late to toiling in the essay mines.

  6. “Chelsea Clamour” (sic–and I think she probably is) ???

    I was hoping she would be called Eve –so I could have quipped “ALL About Eve” as every other (oyster?) word is I /me/my/myself etc.

  7. These women are all the same. It’s me, me, me. All the way down.

    Point it out, and you’re unsympathetic and unkind.

    I’m a bit jaundiced about this crap which goes back at least 30 years. It’s personal, not academic.

  8. ‘MA in Women’s Studies.’

    The woman’s problem, as is with so many other young women, is EGO. She is oh so proud of herself. No one else is impressed. No one else cares, her advanced degree in bullshit notwithstanding.

  9. I barely made it a third of the way through this drivel; just far enough to learn that she’s being paid significantly over the odds by a man who has never even met her in real life, all because he likes the look of her photo and/or sob story. If I were her, I’d string it out for as long as possible.

  10. This one’s well on the way to disappearing up her own rectum – and no-one (including her parents) will notice or give a fuck!

  11. The sad thing is, their imperious sense of entitlement amounts, in the eyes of decent but stupid and naive young Anglo-Saxons, mentioning no names, to a licence to misbehave. I am living proof that 26 years ago someone did care. Me. And it took me 20 years to do something about it. My bad. Life teaches lessons.

    But honestly, white-knighting I fell for this crap. More years ago than I care to think about. It cannot be the case that this perversity does not now endure.

    So, yes, there remain people, men, who care about it.

  12. But honestly, white-knighting I fell for this crap.

    My sympathy, dear boy. Many women have fuzzy minds, little self-awareness and few goals. The intelligent ones tend not to breed. And those thst do are often coal-burners…

  13. She would be. Very well advised to. Learn. The basics of punctuation and even. Sentence structure. For her current style is a deformed child of. That affected by the affected Mr J P Donleavy (deceased). Who in turn was heavily influenced by James Joyce. The author. Writer. Novelist. Man of letters. Who penned The Dubliners, an interesting collection of vivid tales, as well as more-or-less unreadable or impenetrable works such as.

    Finnegans Wake.

    Not to mention.


    So I won’t

  14. Me: Early thirties. MA in Women’s Studies

    “I studied myself”.

    In the old days you would need a private income to indulge yourself and waste years in this way.

  15. “How do we think this career as an essayist is going to pan out?”

    Very lucrative indeed. She’s been marinated in fashionable ideology and has learned all the fashionable tropes in writing. That will open all the doors to making a very comfortable living in penning fashionable nonsense that will be briefly applauded by the bien pensant gilded sheeple and then immediately forgotten. She will waste her life.

  16. The Meissen Bison

    I’m not sure that I can see cats in her future until she is entirely comfortable with a more complete understanding and assessment of her personality.

    There are decisions to be made concerning litter trays that might blend with her décor (note the accent) before considering choice of short-haired versus long-haired cats, lilac point versus seal point and so on.

    I sometimes wonder if commenters here have sufficient sensitivity to hold and express views on the issues of our age so back off people.

  17. When my parents went to university it didn’t matter what degree you did (except medicine, law, etc), you were proving you had ability and intelligence. This young lady doesn’t seem to have noticed the world has moved on since then and a degree in Mickey Mouse Studies only qualifies you to be considered to train to work in Mickey Mouse Management.

  18. “If the essay weren’t an expression but a physical act, this situation would be called nonconsensual sex. R”””E”
    Chelsea chose a job she wanted to do: essayist and editor, rather than one she didn’t want to do.

    But then even that job led her to a situation where money tipped the scales from ordinarily not want to want, feel bad and equate to r000e.

  19. “If language was her child, she’d have it removed for abuse.”

    By rights she should be taken out and hung
    For the cold-blooded murder of the English tongue.

    Heavens, what a sound.

  20. @ polisdorghosts
    Cats do not work for guys because “dogs have owners, cats have staff” – guys work for cats.

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