How can this be?

Adrink driver escaped jail despite four convictions in three years after she blamed her behaviour on an abortion and a dyslexia diagnosis.

Naomi Kaneko, 31, was found slumped at the wheel of her BMW 320 with her mobile phone in her hand and a bottle of wine in the footwell after police were called to reports of an “intoxicated female” one evening in March. A breath test reading showed 120mg, when the legal limit is 35mg.

Officers said Kaneko, who was just 380 yards from her apartment in Hale, near Altrincham, Greater Manchester was ‘very very incoherent’ as they asked her to get out of the car.

She also had slurred speech and was unsteady on her feet with tests showing she was more than three times the alcohol limit.

Manchester Magistrates Court heard that the therapist, who is studying an Msc in psychology at Salford University, claimed she had been drinking after attending an abortion clinic to end an unexpected pregnancy at the request of her boyfriend. She also said she was suffering stress after being diagnosed with dyslexia.

No woman ever regrets an abortion, it’s just the clearing out of some miniscule number of cells of no relevance to anything.

Not possible for both that and the stress drives one to drink now, is it?

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  1. There are it seems two sets of laws.

    One for the clients of socialism and one for everybody else.

    Next time she may kill someone and, of course, lessons will have been learned.

  2. How gullible are you, Tim? All I see is an attempt to provide mitigating circumstances to avoid going to jail. I’d bet she was all in favour of the abortion. Did she have abortions before the other four offences?

  3. Given that she’s had four convictions in three years this is more likely a case of using the first excuse that comes to mind. Next time it’ll be the stress of her goldfish dying, her overdraft or England doing badly at cricket.

  4. Ah, but she had the abortion “at the request of her boyfriend”, so she is a victim of the patriarchy.

    (Not sure how her boyfriend is part of the patriarchy if he refuses to become a father, but never mind)

    (And re-reading it, I’m not sure if it was the abortion or the unexpected pregnancy that her boyfriend requested)

  5. The Thought Gang

    “No woman ever regrets an abortion”

    Said literally no person ever.

    Plus it’s not as if people don’t ever have issues in the aftermath of decisions/actions that they don’t regret.

    (And yes it’s still a bullshit reason to get away with this over)

  6. The Unused Testicle

    I must admit to being stumped on this one.

    Normally, it’s fairly easy to spot an SP (Special Person), who, of course, have their own laws, as opposed to PONIs (Person Of No Importance) who have to just struggle on with the Old Laws.

    She sure looks like a PONI to me.

    Oh, wait, didn’t I read somewhere that less women should be jailed? So perhaps she’s an SP after all…

  7. Paraphrasing :
    “I’m a bit upset because I did something morally wrong and had a bit of bad news. Therefore the law shouldn’t apply to me in this instance.”

    The correct response is

    “diddums. Multiple previous convictions for this – prison.”

  8. I dunno. I know a male, similar blood alcohol levels, stopped while actually driving erratically not slumped at curb, who also got off by pleading mental health issues; no suspended sentence just banned from driving for two years. Some piss artists charm the justice system. His protected minority group was gay lefty charity sector worker.

  9. Jeez, from her pictures, she seems to be a budding wannabe Jocelyn Wildenstein horrorshow.

    I can confidently predict that over her lifetime she’ll cost society an absolute fvcking fortune in direct and indirect costs.

    The magistrate should have considered whether the child would have been better off living with a normal person and consequently jugged this fish faced cow (TM Ecks).

  10. Having actually read the piece, it seems she was spared jail because she has a 9 year old kid to look after.
    This is the beak apparently said:
    “But I have seen many letters to suggest you’re getting help for your personal circumstances. Those alone would not be sufficient to persuade me against a custodial sentence but my main concerns are about your daughter and what will happen to her should you be sent to prison.”

    Given that presumably the kid would have ended up in care, and that is pretty disastrous for 99% of kids, I can understand the logic. I think I’d have been tempted to give her a month or so inside as a compromise…

  11. That should have read, “This is what the beak apparently said.”

    An edit function would be so nice…

  12. Lots of women are spared gaol in order to spare their endless broods.

    Some men get their current ‘partner’ (ie. the girl they’re accused of beating up, the girl whose council flat he occasionally shares when he does not want his own space in his council flat, the girl he met three months ago in Wetherspoons) pregnant to achieve the same goal – with slightly less success.

  13. “She does have previous convictions for drink driving but she suffers with anxiety and has since been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Syndrome…”

    But not autism or ADHD? Can she go for the hat trick next time?

  14. “…my main concerns are about your daughter and what will happen to her should you be sent to prison.”

    Obviously this makes her a exceptional case. After all, how many women have children?

  15. I hadn’t heard of “late onset dyslexia” before. Normal dyslexia is diagnosed in childhood not when the sufferer is 31.

  16. Let off for the drink-drive and hanged by the Feminists?

    Her argument seems to be “I am just a women and therefore incapable of rational thought or being held responsible for my actions as an adult. It’s all HIS fault”.
    Not sure how that argument will fare nowadays! Real equal-rights capaigners, who fought for genuine equality of treatment, must be spinning in their graves.

    I have no sympathy for the reckless endangerment of everyone else by drunkenly wielding a lethal weapon: the car. But the story doesn’t say whether she was, or had been driving it, only that she was found slumped in it. Being drunk, and finding some safely lockable box to shelter in doesnt sound unwise, though it does invite a presumption of guilt from Plod. But a few hundred yards from home: beyond stagger distance? A row and a walk out perhaps?

  17. OK, so pissed the 4th time in 3 years. Also just murdered her unborn child – maybe. I wonder who was babysitting the kid? A McCann defence, perhaps.

    She’s got plenty of money for botox …

  18. I’m with “The Thought Gang” on this one.

    Don’t parody the attitudes of people who disagree with you about abortion. You can perfectly reasonably accept that it is a tough, emotionally wrenching decision for a woman to make and still think if should be an option. Under the right circumstances, but that’s another kettle of fish…

  19. Whose job is it to keep an eye on the bank accounts of magistrates and judges? Ever since the case of Deadly Ernest my wife has asked this penetrating question from time to time.

  20. District Judge James Hatton told Kaneko: “Unfortunately for you, your record of previous convictions is disgraceful. There were three separate offences of drink driving in 2015 and these are offences were custody would be appropriate.
    …my main concerns are about your daughter and what will happen to her should you be sent to prison.

    @BraveFart, July 6, 2018 at 11:12 am

    The magistrate should have considered whether the child would have been better off living with a normal person and consequently jugged this fish faced cow (TM Ecks).

    Pussy pass again. I’d bet the previous three DUIs in 2015 also played pussy pass to avoid jail. imho daughter would be better of without such a bad influence.

  21. @Andrew C, July 6, 2018 at 12:55 pm

    Obviously this makes her a Sexceptional case. After all, how many women have children?


  22. It is known as the ‘Pussy Pass’.

    She is a disgusting Woman and men need to stop playing the White Knight to such filth.

  23. O/T but it seems the Fish Faced Cunt has sold Brexit down the river and her cabinet of cowards has folded absolutely.

    You out there Theo?

    What price your so-superior UKIP-are-a -rabble Tory party now?

    Just rejoined UKIP along with two others. The war is only kicking off.

  24. I wonder what the excuses were for the previous three convictions? Perhaps the same ones she reused as they were so successful?

    But let me make it abundantly clear, if you breach your sentence by the commissioning of another offence, you will be brought back to court and your feet will not touch the floor.

    Judges making threats like this while letting someone off for the nth time always make me laugh. We all know that when she turns up the next time another excuse will be found. Now if she evaded paying her car tax it might be a different matter…

  25. Cannot it be that space in women’s prisons is limited and so rationed
    And the rest is just talk.

  26. dearieme said:
    “Whose job is it to keep an eye on the bank accounts of magistrates and judges?”

    It would almost be better if they were bribed; at least that would mean that they knew what they ought to do. Sadly they do this out of a misguided sense of what is right. Which means that the only solution is the Ecksian one.

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