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But, as I said, $12,000 is a bargain. The average cost of a round of IVF in the US is over $23,000. Most people have at least three rounds before they are successful (some, of course, are sadly never successful). Many people have to pay that cost themselves, because their insurance covers nothing. I feel lucky, in a way, that I knew that I would need to pursue IVF several years before I was ready to think about starting a family, because I was able to prioritize finding a job with insurance that would support it.

So, that lady’s health care insurance – wider than the normal – should be counted as part of her compensation for turning up to work, no? At which point, what gender pay gap?

Further, it’s an interesting twist on asymmetric information, isn’t it?

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  1. ” do so without requiring demonstration of infertility. This means that it applies to queer people, single people, and people like me.”

    It would make a great black mirror episode where a tech company in a growth phase makes some health insurance offer that is wildly popular, like the buy hoover get a family holiday one. And so the next big thing in tech becomes fully staffed by gay, clucky and infertile women with heritable diseases.

  2. Writing tip for the “professional” writers at Guardian: don’t use abbreviations without defining them.

    Editing tip for the “professional” editors at Guardian: if your writer uses an abbreviation, check to see that they have defined it.

  3. @Diogenes

    >does her company have any rights

    No. But they’re usually tattooed with the insurance company logo and the parent(s) commit them to a 12 month unpaid internship during their university gap year.

    Read the small print.

  4. The Pedant-General

    This is really wierd. Companies cannot ask if women are considering starting a family at the recruitment stage, to avoid adverse discrimination (on absolutely rational grounds).

    This company however is specifically selecting for those who see this as a benefit – that’s mental.

  5. Tim, it certainly is part of her remuneration – a big part as she says that she took a pay cut to get the job at the bigger tech firm that offered it.
    Yes, it’s certainly a twist on asymmetric information – if she took out an individual health insurance policy she would have to disclose her diagnosis for “Lynch”, but she doesn’t have to disclose it to her new employer so she gets a free ride on the other employees’ better health.
    Bigger reason why the “gender pay gap” is bullshit is the value of public sector pensions which are even greater for the females who make up a majority of the public sector workforce but a minority of the private sector.

  6. Apols if someone already covered it, but why on earth would a company offer something like that? What kind of “competitive” edge do they think that (attracting such people) brings them?

  7. My guess would be they just went for a gold plated health insurance package so they could offer good benefits to entice people, just happened to be that this was one of the included upgrades

  8. “My guess would be they just went for ….”. Or somebody senior wanted this included in his own interest..

  9. @ dearieme
    This stuff is normally decided by HR and rubberstamped by senior management so your last sentence should be:
    “Or somebody in HR wanted this included in her own interest”
    IVF treatment and “his own interest” don’t quite coincide.

  10. How times change.
    I my time procreation was nigh effortless . Did it myself three times -and assumed that was average.
    Now the white folk have to have exotic chemicals and lots of cash. No wonder the west is in decline.

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