I do like this complaint

For most people who have a baby, it is inconceivably hard. Modern society protects us from most of the ravages of nature – serious illness, cold, discomfort and pain. But in childbirth and looking after a newborn, we experience the harsh realities of our basic existence; we get closer to our primal selves. And we’re not used to it. Coupled with this, a lack of social support structures means women often end up isolated and struggling. As a facilitator for Mothers Uncovered, a Brighton-based charity that focuses on the mother rather than the child, I see it all the time.

Those men have gone out and built a society around us that takes the pain out of near all that primal existence. But they’ve still not managed to stop that pain of childbirth.


Those social support structures like neighbours, grandparents, aunts – you know all that the modern left has insisted must be replaced by government. And that pain – pretty sure that anaesthesia helps. As does the risk of death in any one pregnancy falling from 2 % to 0.002% I’d guess (no, really, 2,000 per hundred thousand to 2 these days).

But what bastards, men, eh?

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  1. How did man survive the millennia without social support structures?

    BTW, epidural takes the pain out of childbirth. My fine, fine ex-wife said the man who invented it deserves to be rich.

  2. Not sure if you’re not putting too much of the blame on government. Women have chosen not to invest the time & the effort preserving the social structure of family & friends would provide support. Have chosen not to support others. Because reciprocity. There’s never been any obligation to accept the left’s societal restructuring.
    So, basically, lazy selfish bitches.

  3. Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

    Blame God.

  4. Does something that is helpful for women have to be interpreted as man hating? I don`t see anything anti men in this .
    The sackcloth sisterhood make sex unappealing and the oedipal UKIP wierdos are terrified of sex .You would think they would be bred of the population
    I was hoping anyway …

  5. @ bis
    Actually when my kids were born – not so long ago that we can write it off as ancient history – there was a lot of social support: family was far away but local friends. Our local church has a “Mums and Toddlers” group, a BabySitting Circle, friends to babysit older child(ren) overnight while giving birthg, a helpline for non-standard requests …
    The Grauniad writer has chosen to demand that “society” does everything for her but there are still the odd million of mothers who do help each other, often/usually without expecting, let alone asking, reciprocity.

  6. For most people who have a baby, it is inconceivably hard

    Given that people have had babies before, quite a large number in fact, I expect it isn’t inconceivable.

  7. Tim

    Some gems on TRUK today – ‘show me an honest man’ says the Tuber, predicting Share armageddon for the 343rd time.

    ‘People think their savings and pensions are safe because of rising share prices. They do not realise it is all a con-trick.

    And companies claim that their pension funds are better funded as a result of these share prices, and so they are meeting their obligations to their employees when that too is a con-trick. They may be insolvent when the truth is known, so serious is the fraud.

    And sentiment is, wholly irrationally, but nonetheless definitely, based on the fact that if markets are high then all must be right in the world. After all, why else is the FTSE reported every hour on every news bulletin but to tell us the national financial mood?

    And what is actually being reported is a fraud. The corporate world is not all right. It is out of ideas. And it is so bereft of ideas that it can’t even run outsourcing businesses, which were said to be the easiest thing in the world to get right.

    And as fiasco after fiasco shows, the reports of well being in the form of the financial statements are themselves manipulated, or just blatantly cooked.

    No one knows where the tipping point for any crisis will come from. I am not claiming I do. But the charade that current stock market valuations represent will be seen through some time soon. Those values are being maintained by Ponzi schemes. And such schemes always end in tears.’

    Apparently he has been under the weather but still the BS comes out, regular as clockwork….

  8. Yes outsourcing is easy. Today I have done some outsourcing, parcels were taken to the post office and they will be delivered by royal mail rather than me.

    Went to the shops and purchased 2 canvas camp chairs for £12 total, outsourcing the provision of camp chairs to my local Asda.

    I even outsourced the making of a loaf of bread to a company.

    Lots of outsourcing goes on. I focus on relaxing and on my own business stuff, all 7 minutes of it today.

  9. @john77
    I spend a lot of my time with women who’ve travelled half way round the world to sell their very attractive bodies to enable them to send money back to support poor families & put food in children’s mouths. Any one of them is worth half a dozen Guardian feminist journalists.
    Actually, come to think of it on an hourly rate, literally.

  10. single ‘supporting’ mothers all too often choose this way.
    And all too often the state will help her steal the man’s house, money and children.
    Nothing will stop women’s moaning

  11. the left has fought tooth and nail to get society to it’s present state and now moans about the result. lol.

  12. Facepainter–Shame that the EU won’t get to conscript your crappy offspring now.

    But with a traitor and scumbag like you as Daddy the chances that they are fucked up are already 100%.

  13. the reports of well being in the form of the financial statements are themselves manipulated, or just blatantly cooked.

    Is our fearless crusader brave enough to cite specific examples?

  14. So Much For Subtlety

    So many mothers have mental health problems after having a baby, and even a long time after. But it isn’t taken seriously

    Actually in my experience pregnancy does do odd things to a woman’s brain but genuine long lasting, deep, mental health issues come for any woman who is not having regular sex. With a man. Women with children are invariably more sane than women without.

    Just one of those things I guess. But it is nice they avoided the obvious implication that women are just nuts.

    Sleep deprivation. Paranoia. Panic attacks. Extreme mood swings. Social isolation. Depression. Anxiety. Neural damage. Cause for concern, surely?

    Or what most of us would call the over-medicalisation of ordinary life. It is not depression if you’re sad when your wife dies. You are supposed to be. Why wouldn’t having a baby cause some mental stress? Not illness, dear.

    “Over the first year I was neurotic, demanding, moody and aggressive,” another mother told us.

    I am sure her husband has views on how much of a change this was.

    Women are too often afraid of looking like a failure, of having their baby taken away.

    The Guardian often shows signs of Epistemic closure – the enclosed belief system that explains EVerything and is impervious to facts or data that contradict it. So some women feel anxious in case their baby is taken away do they? Perhaps someone would like to ask the gaggle of vulture-like social workers who read the Guardian why that might be? Why would British women think there was an Evil Conspiracy to take their children away for the slightest fault?

    The psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen talks about an internal pot of gold, an inner resource that helps us through life, that we get from a parent in childhood. Stability in the first few years offers this internal resource that children can draw on later.

    Yes, well. Children require a single stable parental relationship – usually with their mother. So the solution is to provide money to a charity that will work to replace that mother with a committee of middle class educated White women (by the sounds of them)? Oh yes, that will work well.

    You want to do something about mental health, take fewer children into what is laughably called Care and make divorce much much harder.

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