I think we can answer this one, can’t we?

Dangerous liaisons: why syphilis and gonorrhoea have returned to haunt Britain

Clinic appointments fill up in minutes and babies are once again being born with syphilis – what is behind Britain’s sexual health crisis?

People are being insufficiently selective about who they stick it in – or who they allow to do so.

Next question?

But what is ringing alarm bells is a rise in cases of gonorrhoea, up tenfold since 2008, and syphilis, an infection that had virtually been wiped out in Britain but is now running at levels not seen since the second world war. The rise is mainly among men who have sex with men, but not entirely. The Victorian spectre of babies born with syphilis is back, with three newborns infected by their pregnant mothers last year.

“When I started working in an STD clinic in 1988, syphilis had been eradicated in Britain. It took 18 months before I saw a single person with syphilis for the first time. Last week, we saw five or six in a day,” says French, who also works with the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV. “It’s the same with gonorrhoea; it became rather uncommon with the advent of HIV. And now it has become really common. Something really dramatic has happened.”

Yep, lack of selectivity.

21 thoughts on “I think we can answer this one, can’t we?”

  1. It turns out that if you promote sexual incontinence, you get more STIs. Who could possibly have foreseen this?

  2. The receding threat of HIV is surely part of the reason. Thirty years ago, unprotected nookie was a one-way ticket to AIDS (or so we were told, and at great length). These days HIV is no longer a death sentence, while most other STIs are curable. Like drivers with airbags, we’re taking more risks because we believe the machinery will protect us.

  3. Think you’re wrong there. Sex doesn’t work like that. Blokes have never been particularly selective about who they stick it in. Although the recipient might. So why were STD’s at a low level & declining? Use of condoms, thanks to the Aids scare. Prompt diagnosis & treatment leading to reduced transmission.
    Then you introduce large numbers of young males into the population. From places where STDs are common. Who aren’t educated about sexual health matter, who don’t like using condoms & who don’t go for diagnosis & treatment. And as they say, when you f**k someone, you’re f**king everyone they’ve f**ked. Voila!

  4. Lying with statistics:

    ” That said, the highest-risk groups are straight people under 25, men who have sex with men and black ethnic minority communities.”

    Must be terrible, all those straight white people getting AIDS and syphilis. Oh:

    “.. Regular testing prevents infection spreading and the advice is that sexually active gay men should screen annually, people from black ethnic minority backgrounds (at statistically higher risk) should screen regularly if having condom-less sex with new or casual partners, and young heterosexual people need an annual chlamydia check; ”

    So white people getting chlamydia are included to make it look better for teh gays and non-white men?

    And this:

    “Girls who don’t even feel entitled to refuse sex, let alone insist on protecting themselves.

    Some are guarded. “Particularly if they are being groomed, they will have the answers to the questions down pat,” says Hamnett. “But the receptionist will say she saw a car outside drop them off –”

    Who could be carrying out this ‘grooming’ of young girls in the North of England? A question the Guardian might not want to ask.

  5. “The Burnley, Blackburn and Oldham clinics tend to see more grooming-gang victims”

    So it’s still going on?!

  6. ‘what is behind Britain’s sexual health crisis?’

    The Guardian trying to sell papers and prop up the state. There is no crisis.

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an
    endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” – H. L. Mencken

  7. I was going to say what Andrew M did… people aren’t terrified of getting HIV anymore.

    Those “AIDS: Don’t Die of Ignorance” posters scared the hell out of me and I was only 8 or 9 years old.

  8. Must be galling for elderly 60’s liberals, as they approach their eternal reward in a place where they won’t need cardigans, to be constantly reminded that the bigoted, swivel-eyed, gammony reactionaries were right about everything.

  9. I suspect t’internet has something to do with it too. Dead easy to get laid nowadays (especially if you have no standards), without the cost of E.g. buying drinks somewhere

  10. Steve: unless they’ve morphed into bigoted,swivel-eyed gammony reactionaries. If they haven’t they are weapons grade cognitively dissonant.

  11. It’s almost as if certain sexual lifestyles are inherently unhealthy and that our ancestors knew this and imposed strong taboos against it. Who would have thought?

  12. Ljh – Oh yeah. Some people are born gammon, others start off progressive and have gammonescence thrust upon them because they haven’t changed their views to suit the prevailing derangement of the times.

    It’s been equal parts sad and funny to see the likes of Germaine Greer devoured by the children of the revolution. I’m sure even Peter Tatchell will end up being thrown off a building by more #woke red guards an’ all. After all, he’s a cis white male.

    The Great Satan himself, Dr. President Donald J. Trump, would’ve been regarded as a mainstream Democrat if he was running on the same platform in 1992. But now, of course, he’s Literally Hitler.

    So there’s no compromising with progressivism, which is a totalising ideology much like Islam. If you don’t consistently give in to whatever they want, they’ll attack you with the fury of a swarm of gender-confused africanised honey bees.

    The obvious lesson here is that General Pinochet did nothing wrong.

  13. “The obvious lesson here is that General Pinochet did nothing wrong.”

    Killed 3,000 lefty nutters and saved his nation in the process.

  14. Gamecock

    A fantastic quote and one that resonates through the ages, especially in the current era…


    Pinochet’s legacy was tarnished by revelations of internal corruption but his attitude to dealing with the Corbinite ‘Progressive’ Left was indeed one I wish more people had had. No compromise, no quarter.

  15. @Steve: it was the first European referendum that taught me that the sensible chaps all got it wrong and it was the bloody fools who got it right.

  16. Has anyone done a survey comparing STD infection rates among practising Jews and practising Christians with the remainder of the population? If so, what were the results? If not, why not?
    I suppose the answer is that they knew that the results would embarass the “liberals”

  17. I might be an old fat biffer now i’m in my 60s but i wasn’t in my 20 and 30s – actually quite slim. I look at all the fat land whales covered in tattoos in their 20s and 30s now and think eek . I imagine many of them won’t make 60 and i certainly wouldn’t want to shag them if i was still in my 20s or 30s.

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