I’m sure the answer is because but

Prem Sikka, accounting professor at the University of Sheffield, said the lack of competition for the SIG audit was “obviously dire”.

Mr Sikka, who is has been commissioned by the Labour party to conduct an independent review of Britain’s audit market, added: “There is no competition to drive audit quality. This [tender process] should encourage the Competition and Markets Authority to drive forward with a probe into competition in the audit market.”

Competition drives quality.

We’re to be introducing competition into the NHS right pronto then, correct?

12 thoughts on “I’m sure the answer is because but”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Isn’t one of Robert Conquest’s laws that everyone is a conservative about what they know best?

  2. Was there competition to be appointed by the Labour party to to conduct an independent review of Britain’s audit market?

  3. No, we need a National Audit Service. Buy up all the existing auditors, pay over the odds to keep their staff, and make the service free at the point of delivery.

    You can have a shoddy audit report after an 18-month wait, though your company will probably have died in the meantime.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Nationised industries won’t need independent auditors and after a few years of State management that’s the last thing the government will want.

  5. “Mr Sikka, who is has been commissioned by the Labour party to conduct an independent review of Britain’s audit market”

    Did someone write that with a straight face?

    A man who has called the big 4 the “pinstripe mafia” since the early 2000s is going to give an independent review?

  6. @ Diogenes

    Were I not banned, I might ask Spud if he will be helping Sikka in his new and obviously lucrative gig with the Labour Party

  7. Probably a shoe-in for ennoblement as Lord Sikka one day?

    Only someone as unpleasant and irascible as Murphy could fvck up vermine from Corbyn’s Labour

  8. We have a number of ‘nationalised’ services here, refered to as crown corporations including transit, car insurance, utilities etc.
    A while back the govt started a series of audits into them, results were not great and more than a few CEOs left office following the audits, I imagine U.K. would se a similar result if they had done the same when there were nationalised industries.
    I’ve heard plenty of stories about the inefficiencies of the coal and steel industries where I grew

  9. “Ah, the NHS.
    Come because you’re sick.
    Have your baby murdered.”

    And if you’re old and cause us any fuss we’ll murder you with heroin, and no one will do anything about it…….

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