Inquiring minds want to know

Colombia players receive death threats on social media after losing to England at World Cup 2018

Was this Ms. BiS or Miss BiS?

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    The question Colombians should be asking is why their team started with petulance and thuggery instead of playing football. When they did start to play they gave England a much better run for their money and may have won the match.

    I also see some people are still saying you can’t really practice penalties because you can’t create the atmosphere and pressure. I’m currently reading Johnny Mercer’s We Were Warrior* and me makes the point a number of times that when you get ambushed or even go in to planned contact training kicks in. That was even more the case on his 3rd tour when he was with general infantry rather Commandos or Special Forces. Its even more important for those who don’t take regular penalties to practice, practice and when they’ve done that practice some more.

    *And on that 3rd tour they were. They were in daily firefights for 7 months. Those on the front line during WW1 didn’t spend that long in the trenches and were rotated more regularly.

  2. BIND

    The old Soviet bloc teams used to bring in 5 or 6 goalkeepers specifically for Penalty practice to ensure all squad members practised their penalty taking. Given the resources available to the England team this should be relatively easy to achieve and the quality of the efforts last night was testament to some work having been done. Even Henderson’s effort was accurate, if telegraphed somewhat…

  3. Luis Monti holds the unique distinction of having played for two countries in world cup finals, having played for Argentina in 1930 and Italy in 1934.

    He claimed in later life that he received threats before the 1930 final of harm if he won (Argentina lost) and before the 1934 final of harm if he lost (Italy won).

  4. Theresa May announced that 4-3 is too close to be significant, and is working to schedule a new vote . . . uhh . . . match.

  5. Amazing that on that performance they are talking about potential cup winners, barely looked like scoring a goal in open play and frankly one of the poorer games in that round.
    All England have going for them is one of the easiest draws in World Cup history

  6. That’s a big “all” there BniC. The sort of “all” that world cup heroes are made of.

    Whoever wins the Cup this year will be unworthy. Why not an unworthy England?

  7. Wasn’t their captain murdered after a World Cup exit several cups ago? Or was that another team from the same area? I’d take those threats seriously if I were them.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    Andres Escobar wasn’t the captain. Just a defender. He accidentally scored an own goal against, of all people, the US. Colombia lost 2-1.

    And so he was shot dead.

    I would take those threats seriously too.

  9. Thanks, Chris. Don’t they teach counterfactual conditionals in schools any more? Maybe that explains some other things …

  10. It is a shame that they don’t print the original Spanish, if they did I could find out if it looked genuine Spanish or not.
    It is embarrasing for Colombia that this happens although as we ignored the mass abuse of school girls for years we cannot be too sanctimonious. Even worse we have an MP who thinks that we should ignore mass rape for the good of diversity.

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