Is the divorce rate among teachers lower than that in the general population?

Children should be taught about how to make marriage work in school to stem the tide of relationship breakdown, the Prince of Wales’ divorce lawyer has said.

11 thoughts on “Is the divorce rate among teachers lower than that in the general population?”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    More importantly, what’s the divorce rate amongst the royals? Their hardly paragon’s of virtue when it comes to separating or having dysfunctional families.

  2. BiND

    Exactly. If this twerp ever ascends the throne the play value will be off the charts; maybe even better than Trump’s!

    The Royal Family has become a bad joke.

  3. +Thomas Fuller it’s the most successful reality show ever. Even if Big Ears gets sent on, the new cast members are that popular they can hold the show together on their own.

  4. Why would socialist shite doing their best to undermine Western civilisation be even vaguely interested in people having happy, stable and longterm marriages. When destroying such is one of the chief aims of socialist evil.

    And to hear the suggestion from some lawdog idiot who represents a family that has had numerous divorces and one of the most perused failed marriages in all human history is rich indeed. Rich enough to make a broth for all the dossers of San Francisco put together.

  5. ‘Children should be taught about how to make marriage work’

    “Males, expect nothing from your wives, and give in to them.”

    There, education complete.

  6. Gamecock – you missed though the tragedy of marriage.

    Women believe men will change. Men believe women won’t.

  7. A Word to Husbands

    To keep your marriage brimming
    With love in the loving cup,
    Whenever you’re wrong, admit it;
    Whenever you’re right, shut up.

    Ogden Nash

  8. Joke aside, if you think in terms of life-time financial benefit, (how much does a divorce cost?), there is a strong case to be made for teaching this in school.

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