Isn’t that exotic

A teacher at one of the country’s leading boys’ schools has been charged with trying to meet a 13-year-old girl for sex.

Dr Ken Zetie, who taught at St Paul’s School for 17 years, is accused of attempting to arrange the liaison as part of an undercover police sting.

Wouldn’t working at a girls’ school have aided the quest?

12 thoughts on “Isn’t that exotic”

  1. I await input from that section of the commentaries possessing expertise in meeting 13 year old for nookie…

  2. One would imagine, M’Lud, there’s a considerable section of the commentariat would have swapped their prized marble collection, or even a complete set of football cards, for nookie with a nubile 13 year old. Whether they found any takers & thus graduated to expertise, is another matter.

  3. Perhaps if he hadn’t arranged it as part of a police sting he wouldn’t have been caught?

    Or was that just bad sub-editing?

  4. Small point but struggling to work out how fees of 7k a term as mentioned at bottom of page become 38k a year at the top of the page? Do the kids at St Pauls have 5 terms a year? Is that why their grades are so good?

  5. Mr in Spain, if memory serves, I was theoretically prepared to lose the tip of one of my pinkies. But I reminisce.

  6. “Wouldn’t working at a girls’ school have aided the quest?”
    If a teacher discovered that he fancied young girls then working in a boys’ school was maybe a good way of avoiding temptation.
    Depending on what sort of ‘sting’ it was, perhaps temptation snuck up on him.

  7. I’m surprised. I thought the sort of bloke who teaches in a boys’ boarding school wouldn’t be the slightest bit interested in girls.

  8. “undercover police sting”

    Always worth remembering that The Sting in the film was inducing the mark to commit a dishonest act in his expectation of benefiting from it.

  9. @MarkT

    I have a mate with three kids there – he pays top whack but it’s more like £34k not £38k (though by the time you’ve added in a few incidentals you get there) but his sons board. Day fees are about £7k – £8k depending on age I think. They’ve confused the two I suspect.

  10. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I imagine that having a predilection for little girls and not working at a girls’ school is just a case of not shitting on your own doorstep.

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