It’s all just Jewish lies about anti-semitism

Can’t help thinking that there’s the odd historical resonance to this claim:

One of Jeremy Corbyn’s closest allies on Labour’s ruling body blamed Jewish “Trump fanatics” for “making up” allegations of anti-Semitism in the party at a meeting attended by the Labour leader.

Peter Willsman, one of the so-called “JC9” of key Corbyn supporters on the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC), said he would “not be lectured” by Jewish supporters of the US President “making up duff information without any evidence at all”.

He also appeared to suggest that examples of anti-Semitism within Labour were being “falsified on social media”. One Jewish Labour MP said his comments “beggar belief”.

16 thoughts on “It’s all just Jewish lies about anti-semitism”

  1. Surreptitious Evil

    How does he feel about being lectured by British Jewish Labour MPs?

    Ah, no, sorry. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    You’ve got to hand it to the hard left, they really know how to take over an institution once they get a foot in the door.

  3. Note that the demand is now to find evidence of “severe and widespread” levels of anti-semitism. Like Nazi Party levels, for example. Until then you’ve proved nothing, Comrade!

  4. Well they’ve worked hard to put the “socialism” back into labour. Obviously it takes time to work on the “national” bit!

  5. Of course he had to dog-whistle ‘Trump!’. A strange thing to say regarding an essentially UK issue.

  6. It’s another of those false transitive associations. Labour have been mired in:
    We hate capitalism
    Many Jews have been successful capitalists
    therefore we hate Jews

    now they’re falling down the hole of
    We hate Trump
    Many Jews support Trump
    therefore we hate Jews

  7. “We hate capitalism Many Jews have been successful capitalists therefore we hate Jews”

    ‘Jew’ was always a code word for ‘rich outsider’.

  8. It’s very simple. If you love dear leader you’re ok. If not, not. The actual issues are merely pretexts.

  9. If he’s talking about Jews in the US, the majority of them hate President Trump and want to overturn the election result.

  10. @NiV 11:36

    Actually, I was always led to believe that “rich outsider” was a codeword for “Jew”; or is a hitherto undetected level of subtlety leaving clear air above my head?

  11. “Actually, I was always led to believe that “rich outsider” was a codeword for “Jew”; or is a hitherto undetected level of subtlety leaving clear air above my head?”

    Probably not. I don’t think there’s anything very subtle about it.

    The left, following Marx’s creed, have no particular ideological reason to resent Jews because of their religion, but they do have obvious reason to resent/oppose the rich.

    The classical image of Jews in European culture from medieval times has been of Shylock the Moneylender – they’re supposedly usurious, greedy, and uncharitable when it comes to money and debts. They’re control a lot of the wealth, and therefore have lots of behind-the-scenes influence over society, through what gets funded. They also often were prominent in the arts and media, further enhancing their image as puppetmasters of society. It’s notable that much of the Third Reich iconography of Jews was identical to that used today for “fat cat” rich businessmen.

    The Jews were notable for refusing to integrate into the societies they lived in, forming their own closed communities, which prioritised assistance and cooperation with one another in preference to gentiles. That made them permanent outsiders. And they had a work ethic, an attitude to education, and a liking for precise reasoning that meant they often did well in business. That raised the suspicion that the stupid always have for the clever that their success was underserved, and the result of a conspiracy among them.

    All of that lines up rather neatly with Karl Marx’s view of the rich, who conspired amongst themselves to control all the wealth and keep the poor down. There’s little wonder that the left have always been inclined to anti-Semitism.

    In the beginning, Palestinian nationalism had close ties to National Socialism and the left – their leader Haj Amin al-Husseini worked with Hitler in Berlin during the war. That probably set the sides initially.

    Since then, I think the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has drifted into some sort of model of colonialism / class war in their minds. Their idea seems to be that the Israelis are like the European aristocratic colonists, stealing other people’s countries, land, and resources, and exploiting it for their own ends while keeping the ‘workers’ who created the wealth subjugated. Most of them I’ve found are severely ignorant about the history of the conflict, and have all sorts of weird misconceptions.

    Once I found out about it, I subsequently found it really annoying how history lessons at school had spent so long on boring, useless crap about the Tudors, and skipped over all the 20th century history that was really important to understand if you wanted to partake in the modern-day policy debate. (A bit the same way I was annoyed they didn’t teach economics and accounting as part of the basic maths curriculum.)

    But in general, ‘rich’ and ‘Jewish’ are interchangeable terms. Nobody cared about any other race or religion in quite the same way.

  12. Isn’t this just an example of revealed versus declared attitudes? The left have discarded their traditional support among the white working class, after all, who else do they have to vote for? Many of their core constituencies have significant electoral dependance on muslim populations, and although the left publicly declare their confidence in the peaceful, tolerant and morally exemplary nature of that demographic, their actions demonstrate their true assessment. Hence the indifference shown to the paedophile gang scandal by local politicians, overwhelmingly on the left. So we should not be surprised that the Jews are being visibly thrown under the bus.

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