Just how many numerical errors are there here?

The Torygraph’s subs:

Google owner Alphabet batted off recent clashes with European regulators to post second quarter results which topped expectations, sending its shares surging in after-hours trade.

Excluding the €4.34bn (£3.9bn) fine handed down from the European Commission last week, Alphabet’s earnings per share came in at $11.75 (9p), up from $8.90 a year earlier.

Revenue jumped 26pc to $32.7m, a substantial beat on the $32.17m analysts had been expecting, driven by a 24pc rise in advertising revenue and a 37pc increase in ‘other revenue’, which includes its cloud division.

It’s difficult to know what they got wrong there. Well, obviously, m should be b. But how does $11.75 become 9p? £9.00? There’s some special class of shares worth 100th of a normal one, sorta a reverse ADR?

Or do they just not have subs these days?

5 thoughts on “Just how many numerical errors are there here?”

  1. Bit hard to blame it on the subs.

    This is Hannah Bolland, writer of the piece:


    No doubt with the ink on her arts degree still damp & all the life experience of a newly hatched chick. But, one must say, remarkably decorative.
    You’re looking at copy ‘n paste out of the financial press. What do you expect the outcome to be?

  2. And worth tying this in with the snowflakes post.
    In a real newspaper office she’d have been learning her trade. (About 4 years ago.) Making tea, running errands, sitting with scissors & glue pasting up the layouts for the classified section. And getting a sound bollocking when she got things wrong. Somewhere about now, they might be letting her loose on a few lines about a cat show with a real reporter looking over her shoulder, make sure she spelt the names correctly.
    Try anything like that today, she’d be running in tears to the HR department & the paper’d be looking at a few grand’s worth of compensation awards.

  3. Bloke in Costa Rica

    bis: decorative? I saw three girls prettier than that on the bus this morning, and it wasn’t even crowded.

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