Just what has government managed to get right?

Drinking full-fat milk could lead to a longer life by protecting against strokes, scientists have suggested.

While conventional diet advice has for decades dictated that skimmed and semi-skimmed milk is much healthier for us than full-fat milk, a study suggests that the opposite may be true.

There’s that Hayek bit, that government health care will mean government becoming more than a little fascist in how it tries to manipulate our health. But just feel the incompetence with which they do so…….I’m not entirely sure that any of their dietary advice has been right. Well, OK, don’t eat the m#lump or arsenic maybe, but other than that?

15 thoughts on “Just what has government managed to get right?”

  1. The healthiest advice is “don’t listen to Government bullshit ever. And if you have listened don’t believe”

    Esp when a lying bad-breath traitor called May says it.

  2. I thought talcum was deemed carcinogenic years ago and had all been replaced with, cornflour, was it?

    Anyway, having been born before the concept of food which is bad for you, I’ve always considered myself grandfathered in and never taken a blind bit of notice of it.

  3. I tend to eat plenty that is bad for me. So I die happy.
    Fascists tried to get me to change my diet after a heart attack – could not see a reason, my diet is what I like. Its healthy enough.
    Wasn’t the diet I have that caused the heart attack.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Even when the federal government began issuing dietary guidance to Americans, it wasn’t clear if the advice was sound. Terence Kealey’s new Cato paper is “Why Does the Federal Government Issue Damaging Dietary Guidelines?””

    Paper here

    Podcast here

    Bottom line, USA’s dietary advice, and by extension our own government’s, is killing us.

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  6. “government health care will mean government becoming more than a little fascist in how it tries to manipulate our health.”

    Exactly. The Puritanism is secondary. Economics, primary.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    Gamecock – “Shared misery is the goal, not your health.”

    There is a type of puritan soul found that used to be found in the Methodists and the Church of Scotland that could not be happy unless they were miserable.

    With the collapse of religion those people have found other things to believe in.

  8. Theo,

    “The Puritanism is secondary. Economics, primary.”

    Not at all. The economics is merely the means towards to the puritanical goal; which in turn is merely a means to keep the government busy, since Puritanism is an endless struggle. If they just stopped to accept that everyone is happy and well-fed, they’d be out of work.

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