Modern language is really rather good, isn’t it?

Katy Perry had ‘situational depression’ after Witness album

Katy Perry says she had “bouts of situational depression” following the release of her latest album.

Witness reached number six in the UK charts when it was released in 2017, while her two previous records both reached number one.

The 33-year-old says she’d put a lot of “validity” into the public reaction, “and the public didn’t react in the way I had expected, which broke my heart”.

What is meant is that Katy felt a bit sad after releasing an album which was a bit shit and failed to sell in the expected train loads.

Well, OK, and what should the reaction have been?

10 thoughts on “Modern language is really rather good, isn’t it?”

  1. Being young, beautiful, talented and wealthy just isn’t enough.

    Keep your chin up, Katy. Maybe someday your life will be “okay.”

  2. Her youth is fading.
    Her beauty is good make up–without it–not so much
    Talent–she has some but she is not one of the greats by the width of the Universe.
    Wealthy she is –can she hold on to it though?

    Her anti-Trump tripe hasn’t helped her either.

  3. @Mr Ecks

    Good make-up makes lots of munters look attractive.

    It’s not always beer goggles fault the morning after.

    Example Goth Girl

    KP confirms she’s a snowflake

  4. I put a lot of validity into my fish supper this evening and that was crap as well. Totally pissed off. I know how she feels.

  5. One of the wonders of modern language is “self medicating” with drink and drugs.

    Generally that used to used to just be called getting pissed or high.

  6. The other night I bet pretty good on three kings and lost to a flush. It was rough. Situational depression indeed.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    Pcar – “Good make-up makes lots of munters look attractive.”

    She is not a munter, or wasn’t last I saw her, and she does have nice tits. Which really does go a long way although we probably shouldn’t admit it.

    More to the point, the rumour about one little starlet is that she was doing so much cocaine that her boyfriend Orlando Bloom – who does look a bit of a light weight to be honest – could not keep up and dumped her.

    God knows who that might refer to. But I notice that depression is a side effect of the drugs wearing off.

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