Most amusing

In May, US civil liberties groups had called on Amazon to stop offering facial recognition services to governments, warning that the software could be used to unfairly target immigrants and people of colour.

The amusement being that, quite famously, current facial recognition technology has serious difficulties in distinguishing between a gorilla and a person of colour. Presumably the same is true of Pongo Pongo and gingers. Quite how this is to be used to oppress…

5 thoughts on “Most amusing”

  1. Note that their objection is not on general civil liberties grounds, or the power of the State, but of course RAAACIISM. Presumably if it targeted white males only it would be fine.

  2. AI notices patterns in data on things like race, crime and intelligence, therefore it must be banned.

  3. “People of colour”

    I’m starting to like ‘people of low albedo’ but I’m sure someone will object.

  4. It’s marketing.

    ‘Smith said the need for government action “does not absolve technology companies of our own ethical responsibilities”.’

    They have some capability their competitors don’t, so they grandstand the capability as a requirement, and demand government require it.

    It’s not about immigrants or colored people.

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