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But what Elliott couldn’t spin was this: according to his own account of the report, Vote Leave, the official referendum campaign that was partly funded with taxpayers’ money, looks to have committed what may be one of the biggest incidents of electoral fraud in Britain in more than a century. Back in March, when the Observer reported on compelling new evidence provided by Shahmir Sanni, a Vote Leave whistleblower, Gavin Millar, a QC at Matrix Chambers, an expert in electoral law, told us that this was of a scale and seriousness that simply hasn’t been seen in Britain in modern times.

Arguably, you need to look to the 19th century to find a parallel – a deliberate, premeditated overspend of nearly 10% of the entire campaign budget. But what we saw in the referendum surpassed what happened then in sophistication and complexity, if not scale. Because more than a century ago, a series of hugely corrupt elections led to a reform of our electoral laws: laws designed to control spending in our elections and which – with some updates – have largely stood to this day. But which simply no longer work.

Because when it is understood – it’s already been revealed of course – that the Remain campaign did as much an worse, what then?

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  1. The Unused Testicle

    Leaving aside the pot, kettle, black, the rhetoric is a bit stymied by the pesky figures.

    10%, eh?

    My God! Verily, I swoon!

  2. TUT:

    Its The Groan – they don’t know the difference between




    They are both just 10, after all.

  3. The Unused Testicle

    I love the way these people warble about democracy.

    Please, Caddy, tell me what sort of democracy is it when the demos have no power to elect the governing committee, no say in the policies enacted by said committee and no way of bringing the criminals on the committee to justice?

  4. They are just such utterly useless tossers that they can’t see the irony.

    It’s exactly the same as those who talk about the alleged £350 billion for the NHS, as if corrupted the vote / rendered it meaningless. Whilst the crap / dishonesty from the other side was of several orders of magnitude…

  5. Because when it is understood – it’s already been revealed of course – that the Remain campaign did as much an worse, what then?

    They’ll endlessly lie about it, and rely on the jellyfish-like spinelessness and serpentine treachery of the Conservative Party to see that nothing of substance is done?

  6. The likes of Caddy seem to forget that Remain had the government publicity machine on its side and an official propaganda leaflet delivered to every household…

    The extent to which europhiliacs will lie and distort is truly extraordinary…

  7. “this was of a scale and seriousness that simply hasn’t been seen in Britain in modern times … overspend of nearly 10% of the entire campaign budget”

    The campaign against Farage in Thanet South was alleged to have spent – what – double the limit?

  8. Weren’t the claims mentioned shown to be suspect before, jealous gay ex-lover unhappy about being outed?
    And wasn’t part of the ‘overspend’ problem that private individuals contributed more to the campaign than the limit, it’s not like they defrauded the govt of the money.

  9. …this was of a scale and seriousness that simply hasn’t been seen in Britain in modern times…

    Tower Hamlets and other Labour areas slipped her mind?

    NI and sin fein – vote early, vote often too?

    Notional value of Obama, EU, BoE, IMF, UN, CBI… pre vote campaigning?

    I would say POTUS speech & press conference in 10 Downing Street would be >£5 million.

  10. It would seem it’s fairly easy to spot a Graun columnist’s submissions won’t stand critical examination. They’re the ones without the comments beneath them.

  11. I love this place. But increasingly I wonder why you all, or most of you bother… Other, I suppose, and its not trivial, as a mutual support group.

  12. @Edward,

    I wish more females showed an interest in economics, tax etc and posted in our mutual support group.

    Are they all too busy reading OK! mag?

    btw was in Aldi today: Ladybird book: The Husband; How it works. Highly amusing & true.

  13. @ Edward Lud
    Mutual support group that cross-informs those who have lies thrown at them by the BBC/Grauniad/i/Mirror/MPs/Brussels and don’t have the information to hand for a crushing retort.
    You, for instance, understand law and justice and the difference between them, I can read numbers, Martin understands disability and how to live with it and overcome the assumedly impossible barriers for sufferers, ….

  14. “that cross-informs”

    This surely? I regularly pick up more from excellent contributions here on all sorts of issues than I would from more established or traditional sources.

    And often with entertainment thrown in for free…

  15. Would be funny if the EU was deemed to have been coordinating independent campaigns. That would taint everyone as far as the RSPB. And get you up to 100x. Though that is only 1/1% so not that bad.

    That isn’t how the world works though. The legatum institute come out with some thoughtful research on free trade options (backed by some rich colonials with affection for the UK), and the media go nuts on them. The charity commission start a witch hunt. Legatum is now reduced to putting out papers saying that kittens are nice. Give a really good kicking to one party, not just to shut them up but as an example to others on what will happen to you if you dare oppose the establishment.

  16. ‘Seven years ago, during a night of rioting in London, a 23-year-old student popped into his local Lidl and carried out the “opportunistic” theft of a £3.50 case of bottled water.

    He was sentenced to six months in jail. There was an outcry, but he still went to jail. The law was the law. And justice – though punitive and disproportionate – was served.

    But that was petty crime.’

    Looting during time of emergency is a capital offense. The nice, pleasant student should have been shot dead.

  17. ‘Electoral law has been broken – this is a fight for the soul of our democracy’

    She couldn’t care less about democracy. Not the soul, not the heart, not the liver. She talks about it because YOU care.

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