News from Skibbereen

It has not rained in Milland for 23 hours… but that could be about to change
The Met Office weather forecast for Milland and the country predicts that we could see some rain over the next few minutes – ending the recent heatwave

4 thoughts on “News from Skibbereen”

  1. Saying that a second Referendum is a good idea on Contins Tim?

    Naïve and daft.

    There would be one box for all the Remainiac trash to tick and 10 boxes for leave each with a different version of Brexit.

    Surprise, surprise “Remain has the most overall votes”.

    A man of your age and life experience should have enough nous to see the obvious.

  2. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    As we are now not really leaving, which mean the Tory’s are a dead party, and Corbyn and his middle class Marxists will be in charge for the foreseeable future, any chance of you writing that ‘ surviving the corbynocolips’ guide I suggested a few months ago on here?

    Could be an airport book best seller.

  3. Perhaps if the Gallagher brothers agree to an open air concert, the heavens will open and pour forth torrents of water upon them. Then I will know there really is a God!

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