No doubt to be advertised with a hashtag

We’ve got Dry January for anyone tempted to try alcohol abstinence and Stoptober for smokers who want to quit. Now, will target the use of social media.

The Royal Society for Public Health, which is behind the campaign, is urging everyone to stop using – or reduce use of – Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and other social media platforms for the month.

21 thoughts on “No doubt to be advertised with a hashtag”

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  2. And what… Spread the word and allow folks to demonstrate their virtue via the personal columns?

  3. This is fascinating:

    First came into being in 1876 as the Sanitary Institute. Well yes. One can see why you’d be wanting to promote things like flush toilets & decent sewers in 1876. Maybe even wider hygiene issues. Got its “Royal” tag in 1904. Well, no doubt the new king was looking for a bit of PR. What with caring sharing monarchs being the mode de la jour.
    But you’d think its work would have been done & dusted by the 50’s. A flush bog in virtually every home. The NHS newly minted.
    But we can’t let a good charity go to waste, can we? All those worthy people with nowhere to be worthy. Wonder where it gets its funding? Wiki doesn’t say. Although one can guess…

  4. I have taken their advice to heart and, as you can see, earlier today got rid of my computer.

  5. BiS

    “Wonder where it gets its funding? Wiki doesn’t say.”

    Qualifications, Membership and publishing, Courses & conferences, Accreditation, Projects, etc (Note 3, Page 21)

    Also in the Trustees’ Annual Report:

    “Providing qualifications is one of the main activities of the Charity”

    “The RSPH qualifications In health protection and health Improvement continue to be standard for many local authorities and communities and we are known to be the awarding body for a large part of the sector.”


    I didn’t know that was a part of what they did, but the underlying nature of the sources are as expected! And it’s got plenty of resources (it’s not going anywhere), both accumulated (property) and ongoing (quals and memberships etc). I can’t be bothered to read further.

    Ah, page 8 talks about “bad social media”! And lots of other nonsense in there too (vaping etc).

  6. @Longrider

    A fountain pen is the mark of a vulgarian. As you see, for correspondence I use a quill with ink my servant makes from oak galls and wayside toadstools. My supply of parchment is, alas, getting rather low, hence the medium of this reply. My apologies also for the mass-produced envelope. My amanuensis is currently indisposed or you would have received one made by hand.

  7. Thanx PF. Roughly what I guessed. It sells those letters a certain sort of person likes to put after their name.

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