Not quite sure what to make of this

An initiative launched by Facebook and Snapchat to help children combat online bullying has resulted in no calls to a national helpline.

Facebook and Snapchat’s parent company Snap entered into a trial with the NSPCC last year to help young children on their sites who might be subjected to bullying.

Through this initiative, if someone reports that they are being bullied, they will see a message suggesting that they talk to Childline for support and advice. Choosing this option will launch more information and the option to speak to a counsellor.

No one wants to call childline? No one is being bullied? No one pays any attention to anything on Facebook or Snapchat?

Presumably the net step is to demand tax subsidy as it isn’t working.

12 thoughts on “Not quite sure what to make of this”

  1. If you’re a vunerable child, the last thing you want to do is attract the attention of “child protection” sevices. Perhaps the kids have figured this out.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I am going to go with no one being bullied. Bullying is just the catch-all excuse for everyone’s personality disorder.

  3. If the results are no calls then the medium is wrong or the message is wrong.

    Presumably childline do get calls from people seeing other messages on other media.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Kids are smarter than most people give them credit for and they watch the news. Why would they turn to the NSPCC and Social Services that stood by in Rotherham and other places?

  5. @BiND


    Also worried SS will blame parents and remove child for risk-of/allowing “emotional abuse”

  6. Presumably, when people were bullied by phone the solution was to fine BT, when people bullied by letter the solution was to punish the Royal Mail, when people were bullied by opening their mouth and vibrating their vocal chords the solution was to… dunno, fine the air.

  7. In my day, ‘bullying’ was punching someone on the nose and nicking their dinner money. What’s categorised as ‘bullying’ today is equivalent to graffiti on the bog walls. I presume the former must have been completely eliminated.

  8. How do they know no one is calling? Are callers to Childline interrogated, for “marketing” purposes?

    Perhaps callers are keeping quite for fear it will be tracked back and their identity revealed. Or perhaps many fear calling because their actions are being monitored.

    The fact children are being prompted to call proves they are being monitored in the first place.

    So perhaps the real problem is this ever increasingly intrusive “Sharing is Caring” “Privacy is a Crime” “The Innocent Have Nothing to Hide” surveillance society we call Britain.

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