Not what he does but how he does it

Mexico’s leftist Lopez Obrador wins largest landslide in country’s history

Kill off corruption, get that economy motoring, raise the incomes of pensioners…..well, that’s all fine.

The question is, how do you do it? The Venezuela method? Or the free market one?

For example, the oil industry. Re-establish the state monopoly? That’s going to lower corruption, isn’t it? Or how about let anyone play then tax the snot out of the resource rents?

The aims – largely at least – are fine. It’s the methods which matter.

15 thoughts on “Not what he does but how he does it”

  1. @Jonathan – maybe that’s his plan. Once the Mexican population is down to 50m or so, there’ll be plenty of resource wealth to go round.

  2. Voting for left-scum is always a very, very bad idea.

    Only some form of original sin seems likely to explain such wilful wickedness and stupidity.

    If this is the twat who wants to encourage an invasion of the US by Mexicans then Trump should move troops to the border and build the wall as a matter of priority.

  3. Based on what he’s said he’s going for the Venezuela method. I predict the same results.

  4. I seem to have acquired some experience of the Latin American poor. It’s pretty well impossible to explain the entrepreneurial system to them. They’ve no experience of it working. They expect corruption. The only question is who benefits.

  5. Incidentally, I’d blame the Catholic Church. An ongoing extortion racket spanning several centuries.

  6. BIS especially since the LatAm Catholic church is infested with “Liberation Theology” – essentially the worship of Che Guevara and demonisation of capitalism – and the current Pope is one of those anti-capitalist nutters

  7. maybe Trump should invite them to apply to become a part of the US, would love to see how that’s twisted into racism by the media

  8. Maritime Barbarian

    The Times article said it would be “socialist nationalism”.
    Any significant way this will be different from “national socialism”?
    Apart from the invading Poland bit, of course.

  9. Our only two concerns, will he still be able to pay for the wall, and does the Mexican Grand Prix go ahead as scheduled?

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