Seems a worthwhile cause

Explanation here. Funding page here.

We’ve been up and running for 12 hours, are 10% of the way to target so far.

17 thoughts on “Seems a worthwhile cause”

  1. Tim, that article on CT doesn’t load on two different computers of mine.
    Please can you look into it.

  2. Most odd. For we can both see it at this end. Not just through the site itself, but loading again. What could be causing this?

  3. Confirm it works on Android & Chrome.

    It doesn’t work on Mac & Safari or Firefox though. (My previous attempts were Windows 10 & Edge).

  4. To view the article, disable your ad blocker.

    In my case, using Vivaldi on Win7 with Ghostery and uBlock Origin plugins installed, the content does not load.

    Disabling uBlock Origin for the site will allow the content.

  5. nbc / Raffles

    That’s odd. W7 & Firefox (also with u-matrix / u-block and fully enabled, ie ad-blockers working) works fine here.

    Opera 11 (toys off) and IE 9 (toys on) also work.

  6. Sorry, but what I’m seeing here is a bloke fancied carving himself out a career in political opinion forming & didn’t keep a close enough eye on the rules. The earlier flirtation with the arch-remainers of the LimpDims before switching to Brexit has the odour of opportunism about it.
    Sure, the Electoral Commissioners have the reek of political bias all over them. But, then, we all knew the “establishment” is 100% behind its own interests & will tilt the playing field to suit them. That’s the way the game’s played. So the canny cover their backs, dot the i’s & cross the t’s.
    Sorry mate. This isn’t the public school playing fields. This is how the world works. Not a lot of sympathy

  7. Tim,

    Purely for furher info, your CT page (btw, which works fine for me) contains a link to this justgiving page:

    When you click on it, you get this:

    So, if you alternatively “search” for darren grimes, a link pops up but it will not then let you get through to the darren grimes page (ie as per the CT link).. Is Justgiving now trying to stop people getting to the page, or is there a more innocent explanation (such as browser)..!? btw, it worked fine this morning – I could see the total contributed etc.

    (and that’s more than one browser – that justgiving is diverting to a generic “politics” page).

  8. They seem to have taken it down. Further details once the technical team (aka Richard) has found out why.

  9. Interesting – the “process” seems to work (in the latest attempt pretty much got nowhere). Hence, companies like justgiving get to blacklist stuff.

    Which does highlight the danger of “all” being sucked in by the larger internet players, it gives them a huge amount of power.

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