Shame on Molly Scott Cato

So what’s the game? Why would a politician representing the good people of North East Somerset – whose livelihoods depend on the stability of our economy and who would be devastated by the no-deal Brexit he is happy to promote – seemingly behave so irresponsibly? Could it perhaps have something to do with personal economic gain rather than national economic opportunities?

Despicable cow.

11 thoughts on “Shame on Molly Scott Cato”

  1. Welcome to the last round of Project Fear. The Return of Y2K.

    Also Tim why believe that any POS writing in the Guardian did not discard –if they ever had–any sort of shame present in their psyche long ago?

    None of their bullshit worked before and it won’t this time either.

    The MPs and the Fish Faced Cow are where the pressure must ramp up.

    Also a series of complaints to the Cabinet Office about Oily Robbins might do some good if they can get enough publicity. Perhaps a FOI at the same time to enquire into who and how the complaints against Oily are being investigated.

  2. Is Cheddar protected by the CAP and EU rules of origin? Tesco sell “Canadian Cheddar” but not “American Champagne”. The CAP limit on British milk production is handicapping our cheesemakers to help the French farmers. Clarks shoes and sandals are no longer made in Somerset – or indeed anywhere in England, the K shoes factory in Kendal having also been closed – because the EU provided no protection against cut-price imports but post-Brexit Clarks is building a new factory in Street.
    So who in North-East Somerset is to suffer from Brexit?
    She’s a liar and you shouldn’t insult our bovine neighbours by using them as an analogy for her.

  3. Molly Scott Cato MEP has written extensively about the EU without mentioning its primary fiscal purpose. She will be worse off after March 2019, and that makes me feel rather warm

  4. Molly Scott Cato is Green party speaker on economy and finance

    Harvey Weinstein is Hollywood speaker on Respecting Women.

    Elizabeth Holmes is Silicon Valley speaker on Not Lying.

    Julian Clary is BBC spokesman for Being Butch.


  5. Stopped taking any notice of the greens when i realised there stance of immigration (basically open borders ) stood in opposition to their stance on the nhs, wages etc and environmental protection. You can’t have open borders and a welfare state. Importing loads of low paid unproductive workers lessens wages for those already here, and the nhs per the medics is already in crisis – though of course they want to treat illegals - not caring if they bankrupt nhs in the procerss.
    Green = Dumb as fuck

  6. “She besmirches the good name of Cato”

    Dunno. Minor character to be offed in Act V. Seems appropriate. Being removed before the Prologue’d be better, but we can’t have everything.

  7. Philip Scott Thomas

    She besmirches the good name of Cato

    I dunno. The Green Hornet was always a bit crap himself. No reason his sidekick should be any better.

  8. Project Fear – The Maybot Reboot

    From BBC Newsnight yesterday:

    “…And there are some Remainers who want in the words of one Theresa May supporting Tory MP said to me this afternoon,
    “we want to scare people witless so that people will eventually embrace the Theresa May plan”.
    Important to say that is not Matt Hancock…”

    Why did BBC add “Important…not Matt Hancock”?

  9. 10-4, john 77.

    ‘and who would be devastated by the no-deal Brexit’

    This is simply her assertion. It is not in evidence. She pulled it from her arse.

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