So, abusive monk


He would like the privately owned island to be taken from the monks and handed over to a conservation body. “The island and the monastery should be given to the National Trust so visitors can appreciate the natural beauty of the island without the spectre of child abuse.”

We should steal an entire island therefore?

13 thoughts on “So, abusive monk”

  1. My concern is more that visiting the island would involve the spectre of the Welsh, which is while you’ll never find me there, monks or NT.

  2. Don’t know this case. Was this monk actually caught or convicted bang to rights? Since the accuser says his own Father went to the monk’s funeral it suggests not. Or is it all 50 year old verbals with zero actual proof or corroboration.

    Did these claims appear before marxist feminist scum so corrupted the “justice” system that “old white guy looking sideways =mega-pervert” and ” imported MONA/YONA doing real atrocity = why are you bothering us and wasting police time racist”?.

    Maybe this bloke’s family were naïve. Or maybe it is all bullshit. I do know that the Gladrag has–for entirely political reasons- little interest in far worse done far more recently to a far larger group of victims. So pardon me for not boo hooing at their report of claims made from 50 years ago.

    The G can fuck off. The Monks should be awarded The Guardian as compo for unproved sleights. However the declining income and the tax trickery would probably be unacceptable to the Brothers. And without help from the Guardian’s financial trickster brains trust they would likely end up losing their island to the unpaid creditors of the left anyway.

  3. So by the same logic we get the BBC post-Saville and can dispose of it as we wish?

    I suppose the difference between the Guardian and Stalinist communism is that at least the Guardian has to invent some excuse for arbitrary State theft of private property. At least for now.

  4. Mark even returned to the island for holidays with his own young son – but was careful never to leave him unattended….It was only when the Guardian revealed Kotik’s offending that Mark accepted he was a victim.

    So Mark only realised he was a victim when the Guardian convinced him last November that being a victim brings status with it….

  5. We already have income-based speeding fines, so why not asset-based sexual abuse fines?

    Wealthy accused (even innocent ones) lose everything, while the impoverished abusers of Rotherham have nothing to lose. That’s effectively what happens anyway, so we might as well formalise the process.

  6. Man is abused as child & is so traumatised by event takes his own child to meet the abuser.
    Yeah. Right. That reminds me. Must remember to feed the pixies live at the bottom of our garden. Vicious things, pixies, when they’re hungry. Wonder if the Graun would buy an article on them…

  7. “a retired public servant”: more subAmerican English. I saw “curved ball” the other day.

    Oh for the days when American vocabulary was so vivid that it made sense to swipe it. I saw a good – but presumably old – one recently. A strip club was called a “jiggle joint”: that’s the stuff, eh?

  8. ” I saw “curved ball” the other day. ”

    Sounds like english-english to me. Americans pitch a curve ball.

  9. Men or Youths of no attribution.

    If white people do something “bad”–either left-defined “bad” or actually bad–the media will let you know –“A group of white men/a gang of white youths–today….”.

    So when you hear in the media “a group/gang of men/youths”….you can draw your own conclusion.

    If you live in the locality so to speak…

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