Sounds like a sensible place to put it all

Nuclear waste could be stored under some of the most beautiful parts of the country prompting a row with rural campaigners.

A committee of MPs has controversially given the green light to Government plans which could see nuclear waste buried deep in vaults beneath England’s national parks.

The decision was condemned by campaigners who it put “our treasured landscapes under the threat of inappropriate and major development”.

No bugger’s allowed to do anything else with that land, is he? And it’s all being saved in perpetuity as well. What’s the hassle?

14 thoughts on “Sounds like a sensible place to put it all”

  1. Maybe the fear of growing an extra head or two because RADIATION OMG! will keep the bloody travellers and property developers away?

  2. Such plans will upset WOMI trash most of whom are NIMBY too esp anything their eco-freak gurus tell them is “dangerous”.

  3. Even better would be to bury it under the homes of the Nazis who run Greenpeace, FoE, Oxfam, RSPCA, RSPB, National Trust etc. Add in Lineker and Shearer for good measure – the chances are that the brains of the last 2 have already been irradiated away to judge from their contributions to televising the last World Cup

  4. As someone that lives within a national park and a self-confessed nimby I’m not keen, but then as I made my living from the upstream oil and gas industry it would be churlish to object. Truth is I’m more comfortable with fracking and nuclear waste than so-called travellers and gypsies.

  5. Low-level waste is perfectly safe to keep in a cardboard box under your bed. For medium-level waste you’d need a lead box. But high-level waste needs to be held at the bottom of a cooling pond for a few years (and eventually will become medium-level waste).

  6. So the alternative is to store it in ugly places? Come, friendly nuclear waste, and fall on Slough…

  7. It sounds a great idea. The national parks already have roads and buildings, one or two more per area isn’t going to make a difference. The point about burying the stuff is that you won’t see the site.

    Or we could send it overseas to some johnny foreigner land and have them store it less securely somewhere closer to more people’s homes.
    Out of sight and out of mind. That would suit the fanatics.

  8. Wrap it up tight, bung it on a rocket and set the controls for the heart of the sun… The Sun loves nuclear!

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