The Eagle has his eye on Skibereen

And fourth, Ireland has to change its international spots, where it always opposes tax justice measures. We will know things are changing when Ireland calls for public country-by-country reporting so that we can truly understand what happens there and in its relationship with the multinational tax community.

But most of all, Ireland needs to reform its whole structure so that profits simply cannot flow through it. This requires technical and admin changes which are wholly unrelated to bank losses but would create effective rules that ensure Ireland can no longer pretend that it can exist by routing financial flows from the world into tax havens, which is what it does now.

Finally, the minister needs to stop playing games. If Ireland is in the last chance saloon on Tax Justice it is time to take the issue seriously. There is little sign of that really happening.

Adopt my policy, the one which I invented, candidly, or you are not being serious.

15 thoughts on “The Eagle has his eye on Skibereen”

  1. You cut it off,Tim, so we don’t see the WHY Ireland needs to change.

    They seem like pretty happy people to me. Why would they ‘need’ to change?

    ‘Ireland has to change its international spots’

    ‘Ireland needs to reform its whole structure’

    ‘the minister needs to stop playing games.’

    Nah, not really.

  2. What an arrogant piece of garbage!

    I’d say it’s the likes of him that need to stop playing games:

    Pretending that someone who walked out after less than a term of an undergraduate economics course has any authority to be taken seriously as an expert on economic matters

    Claiming for innovations that it has subsequently been proven were generated by someone else (i.e Country by country reporting)

    Responding to any criticism of your ideology by banning people from your bog or simply calling such critics ‘trolls’

    There’s only one person here playing games (and being paid by Third parties to do it more intriguingly) and they are not those on the other side of the Irish sea. Would that more countries stood against those people arrogant enough to represent themselves as ‘representatives of justice’. I hope Ireland removes his passport.

  3. Tax Justice Warriors: “Profits must be taxed where the economic activity takes place! Rah rah rah!”

    The Irish: “Well, that’s OK, because the economic activity didn’t take place here. So we’re not taxing it.”

    Tax Justice Warriors: “That’s not what we meant. Tax it anyway!”

  4. aaa

    One of his most famous quotes on Bitcoin:

    ‘It looks like there is a lot of wealth here and it needs to be taxed’

    Reminds me of an excellent article by Dennis O’Keefe in the ‘Salisbury Review’ – ‘Mafia or Marxilogue?’ which concluded that the organised criminal fraternity were actually less damaging to overall prosperity than the likes of Murphy, a point the superb Mr.Ecks makes regularly here…

  5. VP, Malcolm X pointed out that the numbers racket in NYC paid out way more than government lotteries.

  6. It’s not just Spud, with his mindless drooling about everything and anything, there seem to be many, many people who get paid for spouting complete nonsense.

    One of my main beliefs is that the human condition doesn’t change over the years. So, were the hooch salesmen of the Wild West successful tradesmen? Did they continue to sell their hooch after people died in droves?

    Certainly, after Spuds attempt at selling Scotch and his comprehensive dismemberment by Kevin Hague which exposed Spuds ignorance, stupidity and complete lack of awareness of the real world, one would have thought Spud would have a bit of difficulty pontificating on anything except his train set.

    Yet, day after day, he writes utter mindless rubbish, still getting paid by several bodies.


  7. VP

    Responding to any criticism of your ideology by banning people from your bog…

    I can only imagine that he bans people from his bog because it’s full of shit…

    His blog is crap, too.

  8. He’s beyond parody, but I try anyway.

    Jackson Browne says:

    What is needed, Richard, is a measure of inequality that always shows that it is growing.

    Something I am sure you could develop if you were not having to spend so much time developing new models of showing that the tax gap is ever expanding , like space.

    So much to do and so little time!


    Richard Murphy says:


  9. “Ireland must destroy one of the few competitive advantages it has”, says fat hypocrite who doesn’t live there.

  10. @Tim – “The Eagle”??? I know a potato has eyes but seriously “the eagle” – more like a turkey

  11. Well done AndyC. I also note comments from an interesting historical figure with experience of a real life courageous state!

  12. Rob

    Slight correction

    “Ireland must destroy one of the few competitive advantages it has”, says fat hypocrite who doesn’t live there but retains an Irish passport in case Brexit leads to the loss of his EU funded job.

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