The UK’s vast and increasing inequality

We agree, there is inequality. So, Dame Margaret, Lady Hodge. She’s got two equivalent titles. Sure, one in her own right being the female equivalent of a Knight, the other as the widow of a Knight. But that’s a bit greedy isn’t it, hoarding society’s top honours like that?

Shouldn’t we tax one off her to redistribute?

13 thoughts on “The UK’s vast and increasing inequality”

  1. I being the widow/spouse of a knight equivalent to being a knight yourself?

    I ask as an American unfamiliar with this stuff – my first inclination is that no, the latter is more valuable.

    Still, she has two honors – I’m sure a certain part-time professor would be happy to take one off her hands.

  2. Her near namesake Enver Hoxha was “Supreme Comrade, Sole Force and Great Teacher”, so she still has some ground to make up in the title stakes.

  3. What’s the actual data? I thought income inequality was stable or reducing slightly? Wealth inequality possibly increasing as a result of QE?

  4. @ RichardT
    Data has been supressed since the second time that I pointed out that wealth inequality had decreased under every government in my lifetime until 1997 but increased under New Labour

  5. @John 77

    Don’t remember that according to the likes of Murphy, any data disproving their contentions is ‘flawed’.

  6. Agammamon asked:

    I being the widow/spouse of a knight equivalent to being a knight yourself?

    Generally, in UK usage one uses the highest title one has. A wife will use her husband’s title unless she has a title of her own that is of a higher rank. The person can use a lesser title if they choose, as the Duchess of Cornwall does.

    Her DBE outranks her husband’s knighthood, because having a knighthood in an order of chivalry outranks a knight bachelor (just getting the K without being a member of an order). So she’s Dame Margaret Hodge, not Lady Hodge.

    Well, you did ask…

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