Tim Montgomerie’s Unherd

I suspect Smith would have scoffed at last week’s attack on Norman from the London-based Adam Smith Institute. ‘With Jesse Norman as a Tory MP why bother having a Labour Party’ was the title of a blog that accused him of being “drippingly wet”.

Well, yes, try attack from 2013.

Smith’s evocative “invisible hand” phrase – coupled with his dictum that we should not expect our dinner from the baker, brewer and butcher because of their benevolence but because of their self-interest – helped people understand how self-serving behaviours can enrich the general population more effectively than centrally-planned and managed systems. But it was possibly too evocative. The temptation is focus on that aspect of his work, much like a preacher who has a few favourite Bible verses and neglects study of the longer Old and New Testament books which can appear too much like hard work or too uncomfortable to embrace. But there’s so much more to Smith than markets good, governments bad, baa, baa, baa.

Well, yes, and if Tim M would like to explain the connection between the invisible hand and the incidence of corporation tax then we’ll accept that he’s read and digested.

This amuses greatly:

At a time when changes in technology, the nature of capitalism, democratic organisation, family structure and journalism are happening simultaneously and interactively, at the top of our societies we have tech giants who turn blind eyes to immoral uses of their products, economists who only count what is statistically counted,

I’m really pretty sure that I keep insisting that we’re not in fact counting the important things. And that we’re not explains a great deal about our modern world. But, you know:

Oh, and f**k think tanks that claim to represent great thinkers but haven’t, seemingly, read the full works of those thinkers. A charge that could not begin to be levelled at Jesse Norman.

But then Jesse’s the sort of limp left Tory that Tim M thinks should be running the world.

9 thoughts on “Tim Montgomerie’s Unherd”

  1. Montgomo is standard issue BluLabour trash.

    “At a time when changes in technology, the nature of capitalism, democratic organisation, family structure and journalism are happening simultaneously and interactively”

    ie womi offal are trying to stage a takeover assisted by every lying sack of shite in the world.

  2. What are these important things we aren’t counting? Bhutan-style Gross National Happiness, or just hidden subsidies like imputed land rents?

  3. @AndrewM: One example – how valuable is Google Maps to you? How much do you pay for it? The difference is not captured in stats showing how well of we are.

  4. Immoral use of technology? So, if somebody stabs somebody with a pencil, the pencil manufactures are the ones to blame? Whatever happened to personal responsibility? “Don’t blame me, blame Ryman’s!”

  5. When I was on premises licensing, Google Street View meant I could do my job hugely more effectively than without, in return for paying zero pounds and zero pence.

  6. Ecksy has it right as always; Montgomerie is another dripping wet, oxygen-theiving, virtue-signalling fucktard masquerading as a Conservative.

    He probably genuinely thinks Adam Smith would have been in favour of nanny state nudging and government spending at 57% of GDP.

  7. Perhaps he was referring to some other attack and just forgot to link to it.
    I couldn’t fathom what his actual point was. To defend Boris’s “f business” expression- that merely needed clarifying as “F business that relies on lobbying”
    To promote his mate? Then why mention Boris?

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    I added Unherd to my RSS Feed when he launched it. Uninteresting was a better description. Although I do follow him on Twitter because there is an occasional piece worth reading.

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