It takes the most supreme arrogance, stupidity, personality disorder, or all three to achieve both goals and still think you have done something useful.

Guess who?

5 thoughts on “Titter”

  1. the sycophants on his site don’t think that the tuberous one is talking about himself and they have descended (yet again) in describing brexit as the work of fascists. The only use of his site is as a signpost of people whose opinion you can safely ignore.

  2. Murphy should supply wet wipes to his commenters, so they can clean up the mess when they’ve finished their virtual mutual masturbation sessions.

  3. He pleaded guilty. So the first thing he’d need to do is explain why there’s a problem with that. Until that explanation is accepted, he’s guilty.

    And Saunders has been replaced.

    I wish him well of his crusade, but he needs more grey cells to avoid obvious bear traps.

  4. @Edward

    TR’s police/court appointed duty solicitor advised TR to plead guilty in expectation of no gaol. TR was denied access to his own solicitor & QC.

    Justice delayed is justice denied.

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