Well done to City University here

Last week the Centre for Food Policy at City, University of London released a briefing paper written by, among others, Professor Tim Lang, looking at British food security post-Brexit. It pointed out that the US is currently only the tenth largest exporter of food to Britain. “For the US to replace the combined food imports from the other nine of the top 10,” the report said, “would require a vast food flotilla and logistics operation exceeding that of the 1940-45 Atlantic convoys.”


It’s Tim Lang, so what idiot assumption has he made?

Leading food policy specialists have assessed the food security risks of Brexit in a new report.

Feeding Britain: Food Security after Brexit – published by the Food Research Collaboration – takes stock of how food security and food regulation are being addressed by the UK Government in the Brexit discussions.

The authors say a careless Brexit poses significant risks to food flows into and out of the UK and they urge the Government, industry and public to keep focused on food.

Oh Aye?

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Pissups and breweries come to mind.

19 thoughts on “Well done to City University here”

  1. Project Fear 2.0.

    This time we need to be taking names. To ensure that the cunts behind and fronting it DO NOT enjoy a long or prosperous post-Brexit career on the public tit.

  2. The top nine of the UK’s food exporters are presumably EU countries. Who are going to cease exporting food to the UK because Brexit.
    So we’re going to be seeing several of the EU economies crash & burn. This going to be fun. Worth going a bit hungry, to watch, I’d say.

  3. Brexit isn’t going to be some giant surprise. Everyone knows it’s coming so you’d expect businesses to have plans in place to ensure the supply doesn’t break down, no? The government might be completely incompetent but I have more faith in the supermarkets.

  4. The Grauniad manages to tell us in the same breath that British farmers are afraid of losing export markets in the EU and that we are totally dependant on the EU for our food.Spain is our largest single source of citrus fruits but we could easily replace it with supplies of Jaffa oranges, Tangerines, and assorted citrus from South Africa, Brazil, Florida and Queensland as soon as we drop the EU tariffs.

  5. It’s not something I am usually interested in but I looked at the origins of the items I bought over the weekend from Asda. They included tomatoes from Netherlands and pork from Germany. If anybody was really scared about import chaos at Brexit then surely the supermarkets or, in extremis government, should be asking farmers to start rearing pigs and growing tomatoes. Is this stuff really so difficult?

  6. If a terrible thing happens after Brexit, that no-one has said will happen, the results will be terrible.

  7. @ Diogenes
    CAP rules on “set-aside” restrict the amount of food that we are allowed to grow/herd in the UK.
    Tesco periodically sell tomatoes grown in Kent, with highly visible labels so that the shopper knows that they are English not foreign and makes the British origin of its pork very clear. But Aldi’s owners are convinced that German pork is superior because they have been told that from birth.

  8. The only people who can make it hard for the people of a country to import food into a country are the government of that country. We have our own government screaming that people must make preparations because our own government is going to destroy the ability of people in the country to buy foreign food.

  9. It’s even worse than that – they’re now trying to scare people by saying that the slowdown in customs inspection caused by hard Brexit will cause food shortages.

  10. Question 1:

    Which import regulations change on B-day? Be exact. (10 marks)

    Question 2:

    How can customs operate differently in those areas where legislation has not changed? (2 marks)

    Question 3:

    What has HM Customs and Excise done to prepare for any changes? (3 marks)

    Question 4:

    What is reefer, and why do we put good in them? (5 marks)

  11. If it would take that vast flotilla to feed the UK after Brexit , well then, there should be evidence of that massive flotilla *now*.

    After all, you guys are a freaking island. The only land connection to the rest of the world is the Chunnel.

    The English Channel should be full of barges, to the point of being able to walk across it, carrying all the food you need. Or the skies black with aircraft.

  12. My guess is that the comparison to the size of the Atlantic convoys holds true, but that’s because the convoys weren’t carrying anything like the trade of today.
    It is ironic to hear Remainers saying simultaneously that:
    1. something should be done about our food security,
    2. and endorsing the CAP which is supposed to have delivered food security.
    Oh no, we don’t support the CAP, they say: well it’s the biggest budget item, it makes us poorer according to every economics paper ever, and the CU is designed to protect the people getting the handouts from competition. So make your mind up.

  13. Even Peter North is going along with the lorry jam story…. But on the French side of the Channel. And oddly the examples of Felixstowe processing thousands of containers a day and Heathrow doing much the same are to be disregarded. What is going on out there?

  14. North and his father peddle Project Fear cos they want their EEA crap more than they want a clean break. Because all his Dad’s thousands of pages of legal bollocks were a waste of time otherwise. They are the two that didn’t want the vote and didn’t think it could be won. Which cheerful line they repeated endlessly.

    They want Brexit only in so far as it fits in with their egos.

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