Well, obviously

Cast of Titanic theatre show furious at audience’s celebration of England’s World Cup triumph in front row

NI’s a different team, innit?

7 thoughts on “Well, obviously”

  1. Titanic the Musical a theatrical production, I’ve heard it all now. All it amounts to is the reduction of a terrible tragedy to a piece of vaudeville tat. The only people who would attend such garbage are the sort of people who would watch sport on their phones.

  2. As for Northern Ireland, the last time they qualified for the World Cup was 1986. So celebrating England as a proxy seems fair enough.

  3. Shows NI in a good light; unlike Scotland who want England to lose.

    Jan Moir today’s DM covers Scots hatred.

  4. I’d wager that half of NI is happy to see England win, while the other half would prefer to support the RoI. Last time they qualified was 2002 though.

  5. “audience’s celebration of England’s World Cup triumph ”

    Yeah, well. Why the followers of a trivial sporting event have to impose their obsession on those around them, is beyond me too. It may come as a surprise to football fanatics but the majority of their nation’s inhabitants are largely indifferent.

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