Well, that’s clear enough then

Dominic Raab faced ridicule on his first trip to Brussels as Brexit Secretary as the EU flatly rejected Theresa May’s Chequers plan and mocked spelling errors in translations of the document.

Senior EU diplomats made it clear that the Brexit white paper agreed at Chequers cannot form the basis for negotiations, as British sources said the EU was being “deeply unhelpful”.

So it won’t work anyway.

43 thoughts on “Well, that’s clear enough then”

  1. When is the stupid cow going to get the message along with the rest of the Remoaners – there is NO negotiation with the EU. Either do it their way or not at all.

    Time to walk away now.

  2. Or time to sign up to the EEA/EFTA agreement. Because NOR is not a vassal state, EU immigration was not the biggest referendum issue, and the claim ‘that everyone knew that it was also a vote to leave the single market’ is false.

  3. Bloke no Longer In Austria

    The only thing we should be negotiating about is whether the executions should take place on the Grand Place in Brussels or by the Atomium.

    Genetal Pinochet knew how to put football stadia to good use and I bet Anderlecht’s ground will do nicely.

  4. Eventually it will dawn that we cannot be 52% independent and 48% subject. The compromise that May is earnestly seeking doesn’t exist.
    It would be nice if our government concentrated on the practical arrangements for our independence.
    As to the EU it would be best advised to forget about its hurt pride and diminished status and likewise focus on practicality. I’m not holding my breath, I expect them to keep on sneering and as a result suffer more loss of status after we have left.

  5. I suppose we have to go through this farcical charade to demonstrate that we tried, but that a deal with the EU was never going to be possible so a No Deal Brexit it shall be.

    Better start ordering barbed wire and border posts for NI, they can be bought out of the money we’ll immediately stop sending to the EU after Freedom Day.

  6. No Bongo it is not false. It was quite clearly laid out in Camerons £9 million pound pamphlet. Leaving meant leaving the EU, The customs union, the single market and the ECJ.

    Even Schauble the German Finance Minister said the leaving mean leaving all of it, it is no a la carte.

  7. Why not just join the Channel islands? 🙂

    Never in the EEC/EU or EEA. Fully operating trade, legal, regulation, transport, etc etc.

    No need to invent new agreement, EU agreement and co-existence with CI already exists.

    Said in jest, but…..

  8. Bongo – why should we join the EEA?

    I’ve got nothing against Norwegians – A-HA! were pretty good – but we can do better.

  9. The Unused Testicle

    “mocked spelling errors in translations of the document”

    The EU in a single phrase.

  10. Philip – weird how the ignorant, stupid, racist, orange complexioned, pussy-grabbing, Russian-controlled, tiny-handed Bad Man consistently gets results where professional politicians fail, innit.

  11. The Meissen Bison

    Bongo: …the claim ‘that everyone knew that it was also a vote to leave the single market’ is false.

    If so it was not for want of being told by both sides in the campaign that “leave” did indeed mean leaving the single market and all the rest of it.

  12. Dear EU

    We would like to pick which bits of the single market we are in
    Pick which bits of the bit we are in we will sign up to
    Do it only on a day to day basis
    Only equivalent mind you not the same like anyone else
    Pay Nothing
    Close the border
    Pick some nice smart Europeans we want when it suits us, they can come in
    Make any other deal we feel like
    Promise faithfully to track goods
    Employ magic at the border
    Hand the Nazis and Fascists of Europe a propaganda victory
    Destabilise the EU
    Threaten you in some nebulous way

    But its ok because we are going to destroy our Europe facing services industry our international importance and any say in anything in the future

    So in conclusion its a car crash , but at least the other guy is on a push bike and that’s us



    Dear UK

    We have received what I assume is a joke letter. we await your real offer in due course but thanks you for the laughs




  13. Ps


    If you would prefer I do not comment in your blog you only have to ask . I will be happy to oblige


  14. I remember when England was a great country. Home of Winston Churchill.

    Time to get out the torches and pitchforks; do not accept this humiliation. Get out by this weekend.

  15. Bongo

    What rapscallion said.

    If anyone was interested in understanding stuff before they voted, it was pretty damn clear.

    and the claim ‘that everyone knew that it was also a vote to leave the single market’ is false.

    Sure, and it’s also true that not “everyone” knows the full Conservative and Labour party manifestos when they vote at a GE. And which is also irrelevant.

  16. Get over yourself, Newmania, nobody cares whether you comment or not. We’re not snowflakes who will be ‘triggered’ by your comments.

  17. Fortunately the current (and future) performances of kabuki theatre laughingly described by the Fish Faced Cow as “negotiations” will only demonstrate that:

    1. The EU is negotiating in bad faith and the only deal they want is UK money with no complaints.

    2. The “Chequers Memorandum” or whatever they call it is a total waste of paper, neither addressing the UK concerns nor even remotely acceptable to the EU.

    3. The Fish Faced Cow is bouncing from crisis-to-crisis with all the authority of Thai backstreet whore. Past time the cabinet pygmies and/or backbench MP’s girded their loins and ousted the useless sack of fetid dingo’s kidney’s.

    4. The Fish Faced Cow seems to think this is all a clever ploy to make BINO (BRExit in Name Only), politically acceptable to cabinet, parliament and the electorate. In this she is misreading most of the country (except her traitorous colleagues) dead wrong. The more the EU shows it’s contempt for the EU the stronger anti-EU, combined with the “lets just get on with it” lot becomes.

    5. As long as we don’t get shenanigans like a withdrawal of Article 50 or a formal request to extend the deadline (all of which would have a tough time in cabinet / parliament, given recent near defeats), the most likely outcome of all of this is that the UK will exit the EU without any 21st Century Munich Agreement, so the current chaos does actually aid that despite causing turmoil for anyone trying to plan for post-BRExit activities.

    She should have died hereafter;
    There would have been a time for such a word.
    To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
    Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
    To the last syllable of recorded time,
    And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
    The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
    Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
    And then is heard no more: it is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.

    Macbeth (Scene V)

  18. Philip Scott Thomas

    Steve –

    Ha. It’s almost as if Trump literally wrote the book on the art of the deal or summut.

  19. ‘No deal’ is looking more and more attractive by the day. I welcome Varadkar’s (or rather his puppet-masters’) supremely cretinous, own-goal threat about British aircraft being refused entry to Irish air-space: it will bring yet more British voters into the no-deal camp.

  20. ‘As long as we don’t get shenanigans like a withdrawal of Article 50 or a formal request to extend the deadline’

    Sadly I think that or something similar is what she’s doing. May and her closest cabal are trying to deceive us all – she hopes we’ll get close to leaving with no deal and will be panicked (both the public and parliament) into accepting whatever deal she presents. A deal Olly Robbins et al are cooking up with the EU already and one that will cross most if not all of her imaginary red lines.

  21. TF
    Agree Leo’s intervention is crack-handed at best, but it’s all a continuation of project fear to soften us up to accept a poor deal. I expect it will get more and more apoplectic and desperate as the deadline draws closer.

  22. @rapscallion and PF – it’s not in the £9m leaflet. Leaving the SM is described as a risk, as a possible bad outcome. But it was a vote on leaving the EU.
    I think you should read the question on the ballot, and read the leaflet again.

  23. Bongo,

    By putting so much emphasis on the SM in the leaflet, the government was making it clear that leaving the EU could result in leaving the SM. That was part of its scare tactics. It is reasonable to conclude that those who voted for Brexit did so in full knowledge that leaving the SM was a distinct possibility. Given that it is the single market that guarantees the free movement of goods, capital, services and labour, I would have thought that those voting for Brexit expected to leave the SM, I know I did.

  24. Bongo–You can’t be out of the ESpew and in their Single Market so fuck Norway. Even North only wants to be in the EEA for a while and he is plain wrong. Once in we would never get out. So eat it.

    T iT-If you are Facepainter it can only be that you are in an asylum for the seriously troubled. While he was an arrogant scummy traitor he could at least write some semblance of readable English whereas you sound like Martian is your first language and Old Lovecroftian your second. You are a clear mental case. Perhaps all his remainiac bullshit has finally knocked the Facepaint off his perch .

  25. Bongo et al.

    Here’s the text of the Government’s propaganda leaflet in favour of remaining in the Fourth Reich:


    The leaflet contrasts remaining (+ all the trade benefits of the single market) with leaving (+ the likely lack of access to the single market). It also states:

    No other country has managed to secure significant access to the single market, without having to:
    ▪follow EU rules over which they have no real say
    ▪pay into the EU
    ▪accept EU citizens living and working in their country

    The government was clearly warning voters that leaving the Fourth Reich involved losing full (and, possibly, any) access to the single market. So leave voters knew what they were voting for…

  26. Every action by the EU since the referendum has only strengthened my conviction that voting for brexit was the right thing to do.
    The eu has shown that basically it was only interested in the uk as a cash cow and a place to send their unemployed( they have no plans of what to do about chronic unemployment in the southern countries). It has shown itself to be petty and vindictive with a bloated sense of self worth (no wonder Mr Potato thinks it’s great) unconcerned about any harm it’s policies may inflict on it’s own populace – The “project” is everything and damn anyone who says no thanks. Run as a retirement home for failed politicians no wonder May loves it so much.

  27. Bongo

    Following up on the comments above, all of the narrative is about risk with regard to “accessing” any or all of the single market.

    Logically, there is no risk to accessing the single market if one is still in the single market. Combined with David Cameron’s clear statement that leaving would mean leaving the single market and customs union, the message was pretty unambiguous (for any that were inclined to be listening).

  28. “the claim ‘that everyone knew that it was also a vote to leave the single market’ is false.”

    Undoubtedly true, not everyone votes on the basis of perfect knowledge.

    However the same could be said for voting Remain – no one could say what exactly we would be remaining in, given we voted to join a free trade area in 1975, and somehow the politicians managed to morph that into a proto-state type entity inside 20 years, and a common currency inside 30. Give them another 20 years and who knows what we would have been facing (Well actually we do, but all the Remain camp swore blind that voting Remain meant no more integration, no common tax policy, no need to join the Euro, no Euro Army, no Turkey joining the EU, all of which are distinct possibilities, some having even been discussed between the 27 since we voted to leave). So anyone voting Remain on the basis of wanting the status quo to continue in perpetuity would in fact have been voting for something they explicitly didn’t want, through imperfect knowledge (or being lied to).

    So the idea that ‘Leavers didn’t know what they were voting for’ is bollocks, because a) enough people on both sides said thats what a leave vote meant, and b) if they didn’t realise that and voted with imperfect knowledge, that is the case in every election going, and certainly the case for many of the people who voted Remain on the basis they were happy how things were, but didn’t want any further integration.

    I assume that if we’d voted to remain and there had been a Lisbon Treaty No 2 in a few years time, say creating a common tax policy, a Euro Army and the necessity for all EU countries to join the Euro eventually, you’d be suggesting the vote to Remain was thus invalid, as some people who voted remain wouldn’t have wanted the new changes and thus the vote should be ignored and we leave anyway?

  29. Mrs May said that she was determined the UK should continue to be a union of four nations for ‘generations to come’, and vowed to seek a deal with the EU that satisfied every part of the country.

    So, “No Deal” it is then. Good.

  30. John Galt–Nothing she says can be trusted. I knew she was moronic scum with a streak of Marxist feminist shite but the extent of her brazen deceit and treachery caught even me by surprise.

  31. The leaflet did not say leaving the EU would mean leaving the single market. To state that it did is to mangle the wording around single market access.

    I can’t recall any of the official leave campaigners ever explicitly saying we would leave the EU, my impression was that it was implied we would retain significant single market access – but that in general they were quite coy on the subject.

    In a referendum there is no manifesto, a point explicitly referenced by a number of leave campaigners at the time.

    Voters in the referendum were only voting on one thing:

    Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?

    The choices were Remain or Leave.

    I voted to leave. But I don’t like this revisionist mis-casting, by both hard-brexiteers and remainers, that the referendum was also a vote to leave the single market – it wasn’t.

  32. Gary

    “but that in general they were quite coy on the subject.”

    Have you actually read the posts above, or even looked at Pcar’s you-tube link? And which is about as unambiguous as you can bloody well get?

    “I can’t recall any of the official leave campaigners ever explicitly saying we would leave the EU”

    I beg your pardon!

  33. According to the Daily Fail,

    ‘Theresa May is to prepare a series of weekly public warnings about the impact on British lives of a no-deal Brexit, it was claimed last night.

    Consumers and companies will be given detailed advice in weekly ‘bundles’ from the start of next week on how to prepare for ‘a disorderly Brexit’, under government plans, the Times reported’

    Ramping up the fear factor to bounce us into a bad deal. She’s had 2 years with F-all progress, and suddenly she can issue weekly updates. My hatred of the FFC and her coterie grows daily.


  34. Jimmers–Seconded.

    Write/email the Maidenhead Tories urging them to de-select her. Write to local press and everywhere else to counter her lies.

    Frankly I don’t think she has much credibility left with anyone not a remainiac or a cunt/moron already. But it can’t hurt to hit back.

    Gary–You voted leave did you. Cos you sound like an astroturfer. “I am sort of on your side ‘cept you’re wrong”. Fuck the Single Market . The EU IS the SM and the SM Is the EU.. Fuck them both. Write and ask them if you can just join yourself and they can give you a badge or something.

  35. The prime minister said: “What the British public will be voting for is to leave the EU and leave the single market.”

    That’s what I voted for. It didn’t occur to me that voting for Brexit meant anything other than a complete withdrawal from the EU in its entirety. I fondly imagined that a successful Brexit vote would result in the invocation of Article 50 and 2 years later, we’d leave the EU with no more interaction with any of its agencies and stop payments immediately.

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