Well, yes, obviously Martin

Brexit: now it’s a battle over who governs Britain
Martin Kettle

It always has been. Are we ruled by the Bastards in Brussels or do we rule ourselves?

That always has been the question.

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  1. And in the entire piece he didn’t mention the wishes of the electorate, once.
    So maybe the question isn’t who governs but who are they governing for?

  2. Gladrag scum crowing about Remainaic treachery and trying to let the Westminster shite off the Referendum hook.

    As I understand it. It is possible the EU hierarchy has been primed to accept May’s coprolite. Because Merkel was given approval and the details doubtless went to Barmier before they got anywhere near the FFC’s own smokescreen Brexit Dept.

    They might accept her original turd even though others in the 27 will kick up about the Migration Control bit –ie us having it and them not. Obviously that useless treasonous cow May has NO wish to control migration and will admit whoever her EU masters tell her to admit. But if any of EE got such a clause they could use it to stop migration into their nations altogether. The ESpew will NOT let them have such a power. Therefore trouble and no full agreement of the 27. No Deal–good for us bad for them.

    Possibly she would have had to crawl back for more off us even with the original agreement. So their obvious move is to find some bullshit whereby they DO accept it and screw their own rules . It would hardly be the first time.

    With me so far?

    So now that Rees-Mogg’s amendment’s have gone through the theory is that the ESpew CANNOT accept these and she will have to crawl back in Sept with her master’s demands for more sellout. With the HoC as is she can’t get any such shit thro’ without relying on ZaNu and the LD/SNP trash.
    No Tory since Peel has done that. And Peel was passing a very popular measure that most of the nation backed–Corn Law Repeal–not a treasonous turd only wanted by the scum of the Earth. No confidence vote–exit May. No time for any more bullshit negotiations–which the ESpew have no intention of doing seriously anyway.

    Therefore No Deal which is the best deal.

    The Cow is going to spend the summer trying to sweet talk Conservative Associations–which will likely not mean the members cos she has no popular touch. Altho’ lots of the populace would like to “touch” her.

    So any thoughts?

    If you are out there this morning Theo you should have some insight–what do you reckon?

  3. Why would you need a deal? ANY DEAL leaves you still connected to the EU.

    Just leave. Put in on a tee shirt. “Just leave.”

  4. @ Longrider
    You clearly weren’t listening to Maajid Nawaz on LBC the other day. According to him we’re better off being looked after by the EU parliament and council because they are elected and therefore democratic, as opposed to subjecting ourselves to the non-elected and so undemocratic WTO. On that basis then I’m guessing he’s not keen on the UN either.

  5. Ecks – the Rees-Moggian amendment is splendid, and the estimable Etonian went up enormously in my estimation.

    Sad to see the corresponding decline of Smeagol Gove, who has turned out to be a wretched, snivelling, backstabbing creature.

    Predictably, “business’ flipped its shit at the vote to prevent the EU from taxing us without reciprocation. Which reminds me of something Keith Joseph and Milton Friedman warned us about years ago. Being pro-markets and pro-consumer is not the same thing as being pro-“business”.

    Quite the opposite, in this and many other cases, where the self-appointed leaders of “business” are worthless troughers defending their own cosy carve-ups at the public’s expense.

  6. You clearly weren’t listening to Maajid Nawaz

    Generally I don’t listen to people whose names look like random Scrabble tiles.

  7. The question is “will people forget about this by the time of the next GE”.
    The establishment is betting yes.
    I’m betting no.
    If I’m right then ultimately we leave the EU, regardless of whatever fudges the establishment put in place- they will only serve to prolong the process, and likely make it costlier than it need be especially to them.
    If they are right then they get away with it.
    Since the matter has been front and centre for at least four years now, I don’t think it’s going to be forgotten.

  8. Steve

    ‘Generally I don’t listen to people whose names look like random Scrabble tiles’

    Again you have made me choke on the can of Coke I was drinking… It’s definitely the real deal folks!!

  9. @Steve
    I don’t choose to listen either but Mrs W insists on having LBC on in the car which means I end up chewing the steering wheel in fury, especially if O’Brien is on.

  10. Mr Womby

    Arguably one of that select group of people close to rivalling either Owen Jones at virtue signalling or Murphy in incoherence. Absolutely shocking…..

  11. Ecksy

    “If you are out there this morning Theo you should have some insight–what do you reckon?”

    I agree with you. Btw, I have written to my constituency chairman to say that I’ll not renew my sub until (at least) the Chequers agreement is dead.

    May, incidentally, is a type found in Conservative Associations throughout the UK: a matron who strongly supports the monarchy and the CofE, who has no ideological principles and who’ll support any liberal shit on women (or muslims) or authoritarianism when it comes to “protecting children”. Gradually, they are dying out.


    “…Smeagol Gove, who has turned out to be a wretched, snivelling, backstabbing creature.”

    Smeagol believes that the most important thing is get the UK out of the EU – and then re-negotiate. I can see his point of view, but I am not convinced. Remainiac civil servants could so easily embed elephant traps in the details.


  12. EU Yesterday

    1. Boasting about Free Trade deal with Japan (no free movement, EU Laws etc) and how Trump’s tariffs & protectionism is wrong & bad

    2. Announces tariffs on China e-bikes of 87% to protect German, Spanish and Dutch
    producers who can’t compete on price


  13. Bollocks.

    It’s whether we’re ruled by the Bastards in Brussels or the Wankers in Westminster.

    As an ordinary person I have fuck-all influence over either. I get my one vote every five years or so – but that applies to both, as I elect an MEP as well as an MP.

  14. Richard,

    Irrespective of how many votes you get, and I trust that it’s the same number I get, If you accept the UK as a legitimate demos, then there is a clear difference. Because the EU is sure as hell not one.

    A demos being that thing (amongst lots of other things) that we accept being in a minority within. Ie, democracy, for all of its many faults, mostly works.

    If you want to write to your MP, you can, and he’ll respond. Enough of you do that, and / or all sorts of other methods, of course you have “some” influence (if it’s important enough to you).

    And if you don’t regard the UK as any sort of legitimate demos, you would be part of a small minority – a good number of which (and I’m not referring to yourself) couldn’t give a flying shit about this country in any case.

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