Well, yes, suppose so

Soft Brexit? Homeopathic Brexit More Like.

Might work, might not. That’s why it’s a risk, see?

4 thoughts on “Well, yes, suppose so”

  1. The bitch was told by the EU that there were gonna be NO negos. So she burst out crying like the shit useless Head Girl wannabe she is and capitulates.

    She runs the Brexit dept as a smokescreen while conspiring with Oily fucking Robbins and herself lies thro’ her false teeth on countless occasions in and out of the HoC.

    Lord Haw Haw was hanged for less than that.

    She must go and her fucking sellout with her. If we can’t beat it then let Corbin win. It is a shitty collapsing socialist police state either way so let socialism get the blame.

  2. Judging by recent polling Mrs May seems to be reinvigorating the UKIP vote

    Maybe she is a UKIP mole?

  3. May has achieved a wondrous result with her treacherous Chequers agreement

    Leavers and remainers are in agreement

    BoJo, JRM, Blair and Mandleson all agree it’s a sell-out and MPs should vote against it.

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