We’re on the verge of the Third* English Civil War


So I have pondered on how deep that mess is, and what the appropriate comparisons might be. It’s hard to be sure what they are. The 1930s were grim. But there wasn’t, maybe, the political paralysis that we now see.

The Irish question in the last 19th century created some paralysis, but it has to be contrasted with a nation that was, overall, confident with itself.

The comings and goings of German royalty on the British throne created various stresses in the 18th century that continued until the Victorian era but not, as far as I can see, a paralysis to match that we now have.

I have to really go back to the English Civil War era to find anything to match that. That is both in the era leading to the war, and in its aftermath when stable government around any constant bar Cromwell proved to be impossible.

*The second being the American Revolution.

23 thoughts on “We’re on the verge of the Third* English Civil War”

  1. I guess it depends whether you count the Wars of the Roses or Stephen and Matilda.

    Anyway, makes a change from all the doomsaying about a second American one.

  2. If a rebellion by a colony is an English civil war, should we not be now on about the 80th or so?

    Most rebellions were won by the mother country, a few such as the one in the Americas we lost an army and decided to give them independence, helped along for them by the French involvement.

    Technically they’ve had 2 civil wars over there, what with the rebellion also being a civil war for them.

  3. I very much enjoyed Spud showing how much he knows about cryptocurrency in his earlier blog post.

  4. Not even that, Martin.

    A civil war is a fight to take control of a country. The U.S. Revolutionary War, and the U.S. War Between the States, were fights to become independent of the state. The U.S. never thought to take control of England, nor the Confederacy to take control of the U.S.*

    *Which is the pity. Had Lee turned his army to Washington, DC, instead of Gettysburg, he might have won the damn thing.

  5. The Graun and BBC obsess much over the growth of Fascism and right wing extremism. As usual, Capt Potato is merely following the pack while trying to claim that he is a visionary. The real problem is that the people who make these claims can never back them up. What Fascism where? What right wing extremism where? Etc All I see is the growth of radical identity politics and the closing of millennials’ minds. Nothing very threatening there, unless you are a lefty movement on the verge of being split asunder

  6. Gamecock – Lee invaded the North and if circumstances had been different would have been able to threaten Washington then. Maryland campaign.

    Gettysburg was more of an accident, Lee invaded the North again and the armies stumbled onto each other and threw more units into the fight – which we know as the battle of Gettysburg.

    The only 2 times Lee invaded the North he ended up defeated and retreated.
    Not sure he could have assaulted Washington – the forts protecting it would have been a major challenge and the cost would have been very high.
    Almost certainly unable to hold the position if he had taken it – wars are not fought by guns but by men.

  7. Is there a term for the delusion that we stand at the crux of historically significant events when in fact all about us is perfectly mundane?

    Or that we live in some unique sort of mess when it is in fact business as usual?

    Or that anyone would GAF what some person who cannot get proper perspective thinks?

  8. Do we need another strong Man, such as Cromwell to take charge and actually lead the country? I would say we do. A nice shiny new Republic with a new model army, airforce and navy too. We need a revolution.

  9. Philip Scott Thomas

    A nice shiny new Republic with a new model army, airforce and navy too. We need a revolution.

    Indeed so. With Moggie at the helm.

  10. Noel

    He has always been entirely clueless about how even normal currency works so he is completely at sea when dealing with Crypto…

  11. Pedantic historical point from a ECW reenactor –
    First Civil War: 1642-1646
    Second Civil War: 1648-1649
    Third Civil War: 1649-1651
    So you’re looking at a fourth or fifth now.

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