Why, yes, it is jealousy

Why we need a wealth tax

OK, why?

You don’t tax the rich because you need their money in order to feed a hungry kid or fix a crumbling bridge. You tax the rich because they are too damn rich

Nowt but the Green Eyed Goddess there then.

12 thoughts on “Why, yes, it is jealousy”

  1. His handlers must be cringing, “You AREN’T supposed to say that in public!”

    The rich pose a double problem to statists: they succeeded without the government, and they exist without being needful of government.

    Murphy wants government to be in everyone’s lives, playing significant roles. The wealthy show conspicuously that the state isn’t needed for success.

  2. Some of the rich get rich by using the government to abuse the taxpayer – it’s often called “crony capitalism”.

    They are not all in the electric car trade.

  3. He really is quite abnoxious.

    One could of course unkindly interpret this as: he couldn’t care less about the crumbling bridge or hungry kid.

    But I would guess that the idiot is slowly coming round to attempting to reconcile his early week brainfarts with those that take place later in the week.

    “Taxing people to provide services and reduce inequality” versus “we only need to tax to reduce inflation” (MMT).

    Now we can tax certain (unworthy) people, even if we don’t in fact need the tax (in order to reduce inflation) – and now my god awful stinking brain farts won’t keep going off in my face all the time.

    it must be an absolute hell inside that empty, humourless skull..:)

  4. The only reason to impose taxes is in order to pay for stuff.
    But not for the idiots who believe in the Magic Money Tree – since all spending comes out of the state’s infinite resources and taxes exist to control inflation [except there’s no evidence from the Real World that they do]

  5. Average price by property type for England
    January 2016
    Terraced £177,948

    Ritchie’s place
    22 Apr 2016
    £330,000 Terraced, Freehold, Residential


  6. Oh dear, isn’t that a shooting offence in Commieland? Admitting that inequality is just a stunt to vent a Socialist spleen?

    Spud is insanely jealous of successful people and wants to punish them and so a whole mythical creed is invented to justify his envy. Sums up socialism really.

  7. How does this fit with his Quaker principles or has he abandoned his faith and beliefs along with anything else he finds inconvenient

  8. A thats not fir.

    To cunts.

    Murphy is a monster, I always remember his trip to Auchwiz.

    He thought he would be inside, he would he would be the guy stealing currency and food be the chambers.

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