You mean it doesn’t?

JK Rowling attacked for saying Scottish nationalism ‘contains traces of bigotry’

15 thoughts on “You mean it doesn’t?”

  1. But they’re right… Scottish nationalism doesn’t contain “traces of bigotry”… It contains bloody shedloads!!

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I think Scotland would make a fine country. It is about the right size. It has resources and talented people.

    It is just most of the talented people seem to have buggered off to Canada and London leaving the dregs behind.

    Which means there is no point to Scottish nationalism except an insane hatred of the English – mainly stirred by by a lack luster Hollywood film starring an Australian. If it wasn’t for the English the Scottish Nationalists would all go and cut their wrists in the bathtub as they would have no further reason to get up in the morning.

  3. It’s probably all Joel Barnett’s fault. The Barnett Formula could be regarded as a Good Neighbourly thing to do, but by heck they hate us for it whilst taking full advantage.

  4. The Jocks are pissed because they hadn’t the balls to vote for independence, while the English voted to take back control … If only.

  5. The problem with the Scottish Independence Referendum was that it was held in Scotland.
    If it gets held again, let’s ask the English…

  6. Actually that is highly pertinent. Wales and NI should be consulted as well as England (and Scotland), since the question is whether to break up the Union.

    It’s a shame that over 300 years of productive amity have come to this. The Jocks have a lot to offer the Sassenachs and vice versa (especially vice versa). The embittered 50%-ish are mad to want to break up with us.

  7. Evidently, all nationalism is good except white nationalism and English nationalism. Because reasons….

  8. Poison Dwarf is rolling out the red carpet next week for a State Visit by…

    …The President of Catalonia


  9. Ah yes, the Barnett Formula, a stop-gap temporary measure in 1977 to get through to the 1978 budget, since discovered to be based on incorrect figures, as a temporary replacement for the Groshel formula that after 100 years was based on wrong figures.

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