All a bit Brezhnevite

The prime minister of Samoa has called climate change an “existential threat … for all our Pacific family” and said that any world leader who denied climate change’s existence should be taken to a mental hospital.

In a searing speech delivered on Thursday night during a visit to Sydney, Tuilaepa Sailele berated leaders who fail to take climate change seriously, singling out Australia, as well as India, China and the US, which he said were the “three countries that are responsible for all this disaster”.

“Any leader of those countries who believes that there is no climate change I think he ought to be taken to mental confinement, he is utter[ly] stupid and I say the same thing for any leader here who says there is no climate change.”

If you don’t believe that we’re building True Communism and that we’ll get there then you’re mad and must be sectioned.

12 thoughts on “All a bit Brezhnevite”

  1. I look forward to Samoa refusing foreign aid from any of these countries that are ‘in denial’. But I’ll have to wait for Hell to freeze first.

  2. Climate Change? Absolutely. No denial from anyone at all actually.
    Man made climate change? Not so much. Quantified? Verified? Not really much more than asserted if we are honest.
    Giving your government billions in compensation for any of the above? Ah…now I get it. B+gger off.

  3. The Maldives are kept above sea level by global warming. Evaporation ensures that sea level in the middle of the Indian ocean is about 50 feet lower than it would otherwise be.

  4. Who you calling stupid, Sailele? Samoa is is MOUNTAINOUS.

    Maldives are indeed flat atolls. Samoa is completely and utterly different.

  5. It’s not that we ‘believe’ (that’s religion isn’t it?) climate change does not exist, it is that we KNOW that after 230 000 years of Mankind dealing with climate change, on numerous occasions quite severe, we are quite good at it, here we are after all, so it is no more of a threat than the phases of the Moon.

    We also know that charlatans are using it to panic the people with scientific mumbo-jumbo in order to help themselves to cash out of the till whilst we are distracted.

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